Sarah Silverman’s Funniest Feet Tweets

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Comedian Sarah Silverman is currently one of the most well-known female comics in the industry.  She has used her versatile sense of humor to help launch an acting career that has led to appearances in films such as, A Million Ways to Die in the West. Throughout her career, Silverman has shown her fans that she is capable of discussing almost anything and making it funny. Nowhere is this more evident than her Twitter page, where Silverman has over 6 million followers watching her every tweet. Although she uses the platform to discuss a variety of things, Silverman has surprisingly found several ways to tweet about something that people don’t often think about or find funny: feet. Over the last few years, Silverman has published quite a few tweets discussing feet, and each time hundreds of fans have responded.  Here are five of Sarah Silverman’s funniest feet tweets.


There’s something about the phrase “beach tar” that just doesn’t sound like something a person should want on his/her feet.  However, with her reputation for cracking jokes and making strange statements, this tweet doesn’t seem strange coming from comedy queen, Sarah Silverman.


When’s the last time you saw a homeless person’s feet that have transformed into moccasins?  Chances are, probably never.


With more than 400 retweets,and 312 favorites, it’s clear that when Sarah Silverman needs her feet rubbed her fans come out of the woodwork. However, it’s probably safe to say that Silverman needing her feet rubbed wouldn’t classify as an emergency to most people.


Which do you find more disturbing: the idea that hydrogen peroxide smells like “sweaty raisin feet,” or the fact that Sarah Silverman knows what “sweaty raisin feet” smell like. Either way, hydrogen peroxide doesn’t seem like something you want to go around sniffing, for various reasons.


Why Sarah Silverman’s feet feel like they have “bad teeth” remains a mystery.  Perhaps she was referring to her toes, or simply referencing foot pain she may have been feeling at the time.  Either way, one things for sure: Sarah Silverman certainly isn’t afraid to talk about feet, and make her fans laugh n the process.

 (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Amnesty International)

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