Sophie Turner: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Sophie Turner may not be an actress that you are familiar with. If you have ever watched the highest rated show in HBO history, Game of Thrones, you know exactly who she is. Sophie plays a character named Sansa Stark. She is one of Ned Starks’ daughters and in the most recent season, her character is trying to take over the North. If you haven’t seen the show, this description makes no sense. If you have seen the show, and you want to know more about Sophie, read on. She is a very interesting girl.

Sophie’s Early Life

Sophie was born in Northampton, England. Her father worked for a pallet distribution company and her mother was a nursery school teacher. The first home that she ever lived in was small and other than a few houses, the only other things in the town were a church and a windmill. The population in the town was so small that the animals outnumbered the people. When she was two years old, her family left their Northampton home and moved to Warwick. It was there that she attended Warwick prep school and then moved on to Kings High School for Girls. She also has two brothers.

Sophie Has Never Studied Drama

Most people who have made it big in television and film have had some type of formal training. This is not the case with Sophie. She started acting when she was just three years old in the local theater group in her town. When she got older, she was attending high school and getting good grades, but her main focus was on the theater. When asked how she is able to play such a dramatic role without any training, she stated that her time on Game of Thrones has been a drama lesson in itself. Before this role, she has never read or studied drama.

Sophie’s First Roles

Sophie’s first roles were at the Playbox Theater. Her first lead in a show was when she was very young. It was a production called Scary Play and it was directed by Stewart McGill. She also starred in The Wizard of Oz as the Scarecrow.

She is a Model

While Sophie started acting at the age of three, she says that she never thought she had what it takes to be a model. This is until Karen Mills approached her to model for the fall campaign in 2015. Many people aren’t surprised that Sophie was asked, considering she has such beautiful red hair and piercing blue eyes. When the execs for Karen Mill’s fashion show saw her natural beauty on Game of Thrones and on the red carpet, they realized that she would be perfect for the campaign.

Landing Her Game of Thrones Role

The Playbox Theater is where Sophie did most of her acting until she heard about the Game of Thrones audition and she decided to give it a shot. After an audition, most actors and actresses sit at home, stressing and waiting for that very important phone call telling the that they got the part. This isn’t what Sophie did. Sophie was 13 years old at the time, and she was on vacation in France with her family. Sophie wasn’t even thinking about the audition while she was caught up in family fun. One morning, shortly after Sophie woke up, her mother ran into her room to tell her that she got the part on the show. As soon as her mother finished her sentence, Sophie started crying and jumping up and down.

Her First Movie Role

For the first few seasons of Game of Thrones, Sophie had a relatively small part. It wasn’t until the 4th and the 5th season that her character became one of the main characters, and Hollywood directors stood up and took notice. It wasn’t long before many directors were anxious to get her to star in one of their movies. One director picked her up, and she will be playing Jean Grey in the film, X-Men:Apocalypse. According to several reviews, Sophie was excellent on screen and she made the role her own.

She is Best Friends With Maisie Williams

If you have ever seen Game of Thrones, you would know hat Sophie’s and Maisie’s characters are sisters. They were together during the first season, however, they were separated after that and they each had their own story. On the set, the girls are estranged sisters, but off the set, they are best friends. According to interviews with both of the girls, they are best friends. They love hanging out both on and off the set. Sophie has mentioned that she would like, one day, for her character to find Maisie’s character so that the two can share scenes again.

She Had a Twin

As mentioned above, Sophie has a brother. What many people don’t know is that Sophie had a twin sister, however, she died at birth. According to Sophie, she thinks of her twin sister often. She says that when she needs to be emotional during a scene, she thinks about her twin sister and she is easily able to cry.

She Starred in a Music Video

Sophie starred in a music video for the band Bastille. The song was called Oblivion and it was one of the singles off their Bad Blood album. During her part in the video, she lip-syncs the song at a demolition derby. Three other Game of Throne cast members were part of the video, including her best friend Maisie.

She is Allergic to Horses

Sophie is allergic to horses. Unfortunately, they are all over the place on the set of Game of Thrones since they are the main source of transportation on the show. In order to keep her allergies under control, she keeps an inhaler with her at all times. She deals with her symptoms until her scenes near the horses are done.

Sophie made a name for herself for her role on Game of Thrones. Since then, Hollywood execs and directors have taken notice of this amazing and talented actress. It is only a matter of time before we see her in her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th feature films.

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