Tom Cruise Confesses Scientology Scared Off Katie Holmes

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You have to admit. Tom Cruise is an intriguing guy. Like, what is really up with him? An absolute superstar who seems borderline obsessed with Scientology, the man can have anything he wants, yet is starting to sort of freak people out with some of his antics. While many of us may have assumed Scientology played a part in the split between Tom Cruise and his former wife, Katie Holmes, seems there is some truth to that. The often misunderstood religion DID play a big part in why Holmes left Cruise. Also, there were rumors her “contract” as his wife was up, but we aren’t even touching that.

Today, TMZ reports (please don’t attack us, Scientology. TMZ said it first) that during his deposition, opposing lawyers brought up the fact that it is rumored that Tom Cruise abandoned his daughter, Suri, when her and her mother no longer wanted Suri to be involved with Scientology. The exact word used, actually, was to “protect” her from Scientology. Well, you would only need to protect someone from something dangerous, right? So what is NOT being said here?

The most important part of the story is that Tom Cruise admitted to being absent a lot, but was claiming it caused no stress on his daughter. So long and short, Suri wasn’t working out with Scientology. Katie pulled her out of it, and honestly Cruise just kind of bailed. I think the craziest part is that he acknowledged that Scientology played as part in his divorce, but showed no sympathy or emotion about that.

So I have come to the conclusion Tom Cruise is a robot built by Scientology to help take over the world. Just kidding.

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