The Top Three Anna Kendrick Feet Facts

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Anna Kendrick, well-known for her role in films such as 50/50 and Pitch Perfect, is a talented and versatile actress who has been in the business for nearly 20 years. Throughout her career, Kendrick’s performances have earned her a number of awards and nominations including a 2010 nomination for Best Supporting Actress.  Aside from her superior acting chops, Kendrick is also known for her fun and quirky sense of humor which has often kept her countless fans entertained.  However, many of Kendrick’s fans have taken fun and quirky to a whole new level by shifting all of their attention to Kendrick’s feet.  Across the internet, many of Kendrick’s fans have come together to discuss the star’s feet, and surprisingly this foot fever doesn’t appear to be dying any time soon. .  Here are the top three Anna Kendrick feet facts.

3. Anna Kendrick has beautiful feet.

According to more than 1,000 votes on the popular celebrity feet website, Wikifeet, Anna Kendrick has beautiful feet.  Kendrick, whose size 7s seem to be a big hit among fans, seems to have found her niche in celebrity feet superstardom.

2. Anna Kendrick’s feet are the subject of a fan fiction story.

In August 2012, an Internet user by the name of a7x1187 uploaded a story titled, The Tickling Of Anna Kendrick And Brittney Snow.  The story is a fictional account of Kendrick’s experience being tortured via the tickling of her feet. In the story, Anna tries to reason with a mysterious a woman who refers to herself as “the tickler;” however, her attempts are unsuccessful and she is subjected to constant tickling.

1. Anna Kendrick shaves her feet?

While shooting the sequel for Pitch Perfect, Kendrick was pleased to learn that her character would still be wearing pants and boots, so shaving her legs (and feet) would be unnecessary.  Although she may have been kidding about shaving her feet, one can never be too sure.

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