The Top Three Christina Ricci Feet Facts

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Christina Ricci has been acting for nearly two and a half decades.  Ricci’s unique look and ability to take on almost any role, has helped her successfully transition from a child star to an adult actress. Throughout her career, Ricci became well-known for her appearance in dark films, including The Addams Family and Sleepy Hollow.  

However, with a career that’s been built on quirky, even slightly creepy performances, it comes as no surprise that Ricci has attracted a lot of strangeness in the fan department.  All across the internet, Christina Ricci’s fans have been expressing their love for the star’s feet, some even sharing their desire to get close to them.  With all of these feelings toward Ricci’s feet, many have started to wonder what makes them so special.  Here are the top three Christina Ricci feet facts.

3. Christina Ricci’s feet are dreamy.

Most people don’t even remember their dreams, and when they do – the memories are often fragmented and unclear.  However, one of Christina Ricci’s fans has no problem recalling a dream in which Ricci uses her feet to feed him fish sticks, and then forces him to lick the crumbs from her toes.  Apparently, one person’s nightmare is another person’s dream.

2. Christina Ricci has small feet.

Over the last 50 years, the average shoe size for women in the United States has increased greatly.    Currently, the average size for women is 8.5/9; however, Christina Ricci only wears a size 5.

1. Christina Ricci loves the way her own feet smell.

In general, feet have a pretty bad history when it comes to their scent.  However, Christina Ricci seems to really enjoy the way her feet smell.  She once stated: “I like the way my own feet smell. I love to smell my sneakers when I take them off.” Some sources even say that Ricci compared the smell of her feet to popcorn.

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

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