10 Things Jax Taylor Doesn’t Want You To Know

Jax Taylor

His name is familiar to you because he is one of the servers at SUR, a Hollywood restaurant owned by Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump, and Jax Taylor is also one of the stars of Vanderpump’s hit reality show Vanderpump Rules. He’s one of the main cast of servers, and he’s always in hot water. Some people love him and others cannot stand him; there seems to be very little in between when it comes to Jax Taylor and his personal style of television. He’s in his early 30s now, and his life has been one that is, so far, quite interesting on a level that might not interest everyone. For one, he’s been in an on-again, off-again relationship with one of the other waitresses on the show, he’s been caught cheating and he has been a questionable character as far as loyalty and friendship is concerned. However, with the hit that is this reality show, more and more people want to get to know as much about Jax Taylor as possible, and we have that information for you right here. Here are 10 things you did not know about Jax Taylor that he probably did not want you to know in the first place.

He’s a Model

While we don’t think that Jax Taylor does not want you to know this, we do think that he does not want his fans to know that despite his many campaigns, he still cannot make it in Hollywood without taking on a job as a waiter. For someone who has had jobs modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch, JC Penney and even GQ, he’s not making ends meet enough to quit his job as a server and work full time as a model. That’s not something any model wants people to know.

He Had a Famous Roommate

When Jax Taylor first moved to LA in hopes of becoming a model, he moved in with some other guys so that they could share their rent and work on making their career dreams a reality. His first roommate is a man you might know. His name is Channing Tatum. Unfortunately for Jax Taylor, Channing Tatum is one of the most famous actors in the world right now, and Jax is still a server at a restaurant owned by a famous reality star.

He’s a Cheater

There’s a lot of relationship incest going on in this restaurant, and Jax Taylor often finds himself at the heart of it. He has been in a relationship with Stassi for years (though we have no idea if they are together or not together or whatever anymore since they can’t decide themselves) but he was caught cheating on her with one of the other cast members of the show during the second season. There was also a rumor going around for a while that he also had a one night stand with a stripper in Vegas while dating Stassi. He’s not someone you want to bring home to your mother, that’s for certain.

His Net Worth

Jax Taylor might not be doing as poorly as we like to think. His net worth is approximately $150,000, which is not much in LA terms. However, it does lead us to wonder if perhaps his job at this particular restaurant is one of convenience since he gets to be part of a reality television show and make his name more well-known around the town in hopes of furthering his career.

His Real Name is Not Jax

Sometimes people move to LA to work in the movies or the modeling biz and they change their name. Sometimes their names aren’t memorable, or they’re kind of not really right for their particular career aspirations. Jax Taylor’s real name is Jason, so we don’t know why he changed it considering it’s not a name that’s ‘bad’ or ‘old’ or ‘young’ or anything of that nature. All we know is that he is really Jason, not Jax.

He’s a Sex Addict

There is no official diagnosis from a doctor or anything like that, but Jax Taylor has said he is a sex addict that he cannot be blamed for the fact that he has a very difficult time remaining faithful to his girlfriends. In fact, he’s been caught sleeping with his ex’s friend twice. That’s not something that went over very well with her or the rest of the cast, and it’s not been something very good for his reputation.

He Tattooed His Ex’s Name on his Arm

After Jax Taylor was caught – twice – sleeping with SUR waitress Kristen Doute while he was in a relationship with Stassi, and after he was caught sleeping with a stripper in Vegas, he decided to show his ex that he really loved her. Naturally, he got her name tattooed on his arm. Naturally, she was not impressed by his actions. It seems that they are no longer together, but there is always the off chance that they will get back together since they cannot seem to make up their minds.

He’s not Exactly Remorseful

When he cheated on his girlfriend with his friend’s girlfriend, he did not even show an ounce of remorse. In fact, when his friend Tom punched him, Jax Taylor still didn’t even seem to feel badly about his poor decisions. He doesn’t exactly seem like a great friend.

He is Not Loyal

The thing about friends is that they are supposed to be loyal. They are supposed to be there to have your back. They are supposed to be there to be there; but Jax Taylor is not that kind of friend. Not only did he have no problem sleeping with his friend’s girlfriend, he also kept it to himself until he was no longer with his girlfriend, and then he made the decision to spill the secret for no good reason other than the fact that he didn’t like that his friend was happy.

He was in the Army

It’s usually something that people are proud of; serving their country. However, Jax Taylor does not like people to know he was once in the army. We cannot figure out why, but it’s a secret he likes to keep to himself more often than not.

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