The Weirdest Nicole Kidman Feet Tweets

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For most people, the first things that comes to mind when they hear the name Nicole Kidman, are probably acting, awards, and Keith Urban.  For others; however,  the first thing that comes to mind when Kidman’s name is mentioned are her feet.  That’s right, all across the internet people are talking about the famous actress, and it’s not because she’s won an academy award and starred in several very successful films.  Since the announcement that Kidman would be the feet and face of the famous British shoe brand, Jimmy Choo, many of her fans have become obsessed with her feet. On social networking platforms, such as Twitter, fans are able to casually comment on Kidman’s feet, and are finding themselves in good company while doing it. Here are three of the weirdest Nicole Kidman feet tweets.


This Twitter user is so moved by Nicole Kidman’s fashion sense that she is willing to kiss the award-winning actress’ feet.  While some may see this as the highest form of flattery, others might find this a little over-the-top when a simple compliment would have been sufficient.


The idea of tickling celebrities’ feet is becoming extremely popular among foot crazed fans.  However, it’s probably for the best that we’re unable to see the entire question in this tweet.  Judging by the “no” response given by this Twitter user, chances are the question had something to do with a person’s willingness to tickle Nicole Kidman’s feet.


This tweet serves as both a compliment to Nicole Kidman’s feet skills, and a diss to her husband, Keith Urban’s hair.  However, if Kidman is actually capable of cutting Keith’s (or anyone else’s hair) by holding a pair of rusty scissors with her feet, that’s so impressive that it really doesn’t matter what the end result looks like.

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

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