What Will Patrick Dempsey Do Now?

patrick dempsey

Grey’s Anatomy fans are angry; and I get it. I’m angry. The show is totally lacking in a major way since  Yang left for a faraway country with the ex that ditched her at the altar way back when. We miss her. We miss McSteamy and Lexie, and we miss George and we even kind of miss Izzy. We miss so many people that we began our love affair to Grey’s with, and losing McDreamy like that was a mess. I mean, we know thatPatrick Dempsey wanted out, but we also think that the show should have just let him stay in DC where he could come back. Now he’s gone and unless people start coming back from the dead (Denny?) we can’t imagine McDreamy, our favorite doctor, ever coming back. We’re angry. We cried a lot. I know I speak for more than just myself with that one; and I’m pretty positive I’m not watching anymore since my heart is broken. But now that Patrick Dempsey is no longer (officially) McDreamy, what’s he going to do with his life? We have a few suggestions.

Come Back as McDreamy’s Long Lost Twin

I mean, come on; why not? But what we really mean is this; his long lost twin was the one in the accident and he went to DC, lost his phone and shows up like nothing ever happened. Shonda Rimes, please? Pretty please?

Focus on His Kids

He’s going through a divorce from his long-time wife, and we’re sure it cannot be easy on his adorable children. Perhaps he will take this time to spend with his family in hopes that they can make this transition as easy as possible for the kids.

Take up Race Car Driving Full Time

He’s an avid race car driver, so maybe he plans on taking this up fulltime. We hope not, though, considering he died in a car accident in a television show that’s going to have to end without him.

Create a Movie Career

He was once a movie actor on several occasions, and we did like him like that. Perhaps he will come back to the big screen and star in some love movies. The Grey’s Movie perhaps?

Sign up for a Fresh New Show

If he’s not going to be a brain surgeon, he’s going to be a wonderful politician. We vote that he’s the next president in the next political hit that comes from someone, like Shonda Rimes, perhaps? Come on, we’re desperate here.

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