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Five Things You Didn’t Know about Louis C.K.

If there was a Church of C.K, I would be in attendance every Sunday. I think his nihilistic (yet honest) brand of comedy is reminiscent of all the greats who came before him. From George Carlin to Bill Hicks, the best assets of the best comedians are alive in Louis C.K. And though you may think him a comedian, there is much more to him than meets the eye. The following are five things you didn’t know about Louis C.K.

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Only Comedian To Have Stand-Up Film Play at Sundance: Sundance Film Festival features films. That is their whole point. But in 2010, Louis C.K. broke the mold when his stand up movie, Hilarious, was the first stand up comedy performance film ever shown at the prestigious film festival.

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He Writes, Directs, and Stars in Louie: Some people may know this already and think nothing of it, but can we stress how insane a workload that is? To write something is a job unto itself. To direct is an (insane) job unto itself. But to star in it, write, and direct yourself just shows you how many cylinders he is firing off on. Heck, he even edited one episode, and is supposedly integral with its scoring as well.

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He Has Won Multiple Emmy’s, For Multiple Shows: You may think he just won his Emmys for Louie, but Louis actually won THREE Emmys for writing the Chris Rock Show for HBO. Yes, he won for Louie, too. But by that time, it was his fourth. Crazy, huh? Well, he is crazy talented.

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He Wrote and Directed (Most Of) The Movie Pootie Tang: I know for a fact that Chris Rock hand picked Louis C.K to write and direct the Pootie Tang movie. A movie that played off the blaxploitation films of the late seventies. We say he directed most of it, because the producers and company heads got their hands on it, and in Louis’ own words, “butchered it”.

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He Is In A Woody Allen Movie: It is called Blue Jasmine, and it showed a great many people just how brilliant and multi-tiered a talent this man was. Truthfully, that will probably mark the beginning of Louis C.K. on the big screen.

Another medium he will undoubtedly take over and succeed at. As the above list proves, Louis C.K. may think he has the best of his career behind him, but we know he is just taking off. We just hope the world is ready for his beautiful brand of honest cynicism.

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