10 Actors Who Have Stayed Gorgeous Into Their 60s

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Hollywood is an interesting place. While experience and longevity are respected; youth is most certainly preserved.  With each passing year, many Hollywood’s brightest stars seem to be getting replaced by fresher, much younger faces.  However, because getting older is inevitable, many of the best and most well-known actors have found ways to reinvent themselves as they continue to stay relevant for younger generations of audiences, while remaining true to their core group of fans. In fact, many of these celebrities have done such an excellent job of looking good and staying relevant, it can be almost impossible to believe how old they really are.  Here are 10 actors who have stayed gorgeous into their 60s.

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 10. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone has been a heart throb for his entire career.  The Rocky star immediately earned attention from fans when he broke on to the film scene during the 1970s.  Throughout his career, Stallone has maintained a tough guy image that has made him appealing to many viewers. At 68 years-old, Stallone still works hard to keep his chiseled physique, and her shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

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9. Kurt Russell

At 63 years-old, Kurt Russell is still a very captivating actor.  Well-known for his role in films such as Silkwood and Miracle, Russell has won many awards throughout his career.  However, Russell certainly isn’t letting old age slow him down one bit.  He continues to take on starring roles, and has been fortunate enough to reach generations of  viewers during his nearly 60 year career.

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8. Jonathan Frakes

For most of his career, Jonathan Frakes has been best known for his role in the Star Trek franchise. However, in recent years, the 62 year-old Frakes has become well-known for his age defying appearance.  Although he is entering his “golden years,” and approaching an age when most people are getting ready for retirement, Frakes continues to remain active in his career.

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6. Dennis Haysbert

Over the last several years, Dennis Haysbert has become best known for as the voice and face of Allstate Insurance.  However, aside from his appearance in commercials, Haysbert has also built a pretty impressive resume which includes dozens of acting credits in both TV and film productions.  Although Haysbert may have been in the entertainment industry for nearly 40 years, many may be surprised to know that he will be turning 61 this year.  Thanks to his booming voice and smooth skin, Haysbert continues to enjoy his handsome and youthful appearance.

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5. Dennis Quad

Dennis Quad rose to fame during the 80s, and quickly became a fan favorite for his ability to portray a variety of characters.  However, due to his appearance, many of Quads fans may not realize that he is officially in his 60s. Quad celebrated his 60th birthday last year; however, his active lifestyle has helped him continue to look great.

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4. Richard Gere

Richard Gere is one of the most well-known actors of his generation.  Throughout his career, Gere has won several awards including a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. He has also worked tirelessly to donate to charitable causes.  Gere has traveled all around the world in hopes of spreading awareness to several causes, and helping those in unfortunate situations.  However, despite his extremely busy schedule, the 65 year-old has clearly found time to take care of himself and his appearance.

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3. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is often regarded as one of the sexiest men in Hollywood.  Although Washington is now 60 years old, he has proven that he one of the many things in like that gets better with time.  However, despite all of the praise he’s received for his looks, Washington has worked extremely hard to show viewers that he is more than just a handsome face.  Throughout his career, Washington has starred in several award-winning films, and has even earned a two prestigious Academy Awards.

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2. Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan is well-known for his stint as the British 00 agent, James Bond.  His smooth accent and handsome looks quickly made hims fan favorite, and in 2001 People Magazine voted him “The Sexiest Man Alive.”  Now, more than a decade later, Brosnan, who will be 62 this year, continues to age gracefully.  During an appearance on the today show back in 2013, Brosnan revealed that he is enjoying growing older. He stated: “I’m very much aware of my time and life and just have nothing but … humble gratitude for being an actor; it’s a very capricious game…Some days it rattles and shakes in there psychically, but ultimately I feel nothing but a great gift of life. There’s nothing to prove. I feel comfortable in my own skin.”

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1. Liam Neeson

After making his first on-screen appearance in 1978, actor, Liam Neeson, has gone on to have a very successful career. In 2008, he became an unstoppable action hero to millions of fans when he appeared in the starring role in the first installment of the Taken film series.  Since, then, Neeson has been regarded as one of the sexiest actors over 50.  Now 62, Neeson continues to show the world that some things really do get better and better with time.

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