10 Celebrities Who Were Pregnant Well Into Their 40s

janet jackson

With Janet Jackson’s pregnancy announcement at 49, we thought we’d discuss age and pregnancy. It was November 4, 2013 when my husband and I went to our doctor’s office for our 5-month checkup and ultrasound. I was pregnant with our third baby and we were very excited to find out if we were expecting our first little boy or our third little girl that day. It turns out, we were expecting one of each. I’d just turned 30 at the end of September, and the doctor explained to me that it’s not uncommon for someone of my ‘advanced age’ to become pregnant with twins due to hormonal changes and my body’s internal changes.

Advanced age? At 30? It’s common knowledge that any woman pregnant after 36 is immediately put into a high-risk category thanks to the age factor, but 30? That’s what makes it so amazing that so many women in Hollywood become pregnant even later in life. There are those who don’t recommend that a woman try to have a baby after a certain age, citing that the complications that are associated with pregnancy later in life are often serious.

For actresses and actors in Hollywood, however, that’s not something that tends to stop them. Many of the women in the business wait until they have established their careers to have families. They want to make a name for themselves, or they want to wait until they are a bit older and ready to settle. It’s really not all that uncommon to see a Hollywood starlet pregnant after forty, so we’ve rounded up a few of the beautiful women who have waited longer than many to start their families.

halle berry

Halle Berry – 41

When the award winning actress announced that she was having her first baby with a model, the world knew that she would have a gorgeous baby. She was 41 at the time and in the best shape of her entire life. She was gorgeous and perfect throughout her pregnancy, and the world fell in love with her new baby. She didn’t mind that she was in her 40s when it happened; it felt like the right time to her.

rachel zoe

Rachel Zoe – 42

She was already the mother of one darling little boy, and the designer and stylist decided that she and her husband needed to have another darling little one to call their own. She’s glad they did, too, because now she has two darling little ones to impart all her fashion knowledge upon. She announced her pregnancy when she was 42 and doesn’t seem to mind that she’s considered old in the child-bearing game.

celine dion

Celine Dion – 42

She’s always had a thing for age. She married her late husband despite the fact that he was decades older than she at the time and they met when she was only 14 and he was well into adulthood. She also waited until she was 42 to give birth to the couple’s twins.

gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani – 44

The gorgeous singer and mom of three little boys was 44 when she announced that she was expecting her third baby with now ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. She gave birth to both of her older sons when she was in her 30s and waited much longer to have baby number three. There was some speculation that the baby was a complete surprise, but there is no doubt (pun intended) that he was a gift.

marcia gay harden

Marcia Gay Harden – 44

At the age of 44, she decided she would go ahead and have another baby. This time, though, it was two babies she gave birth to. Her boy/girl twins joined her older daughter, whom she gave birth to when she was only 41, when she was 44. They’re much older now, but look shockingly like their lovely mother.

susan sarandon

Susan Sarandon – 45

She was 39 when she had her first daughter, 42 when she had her first son and she was 45 when she welcomed her third child and second boy. She has no issue with the fact that she was considered an older mother. She cherished their lives growing up and felt she was at the perfect place in her own life to start a family at that point.

halle berry

Halle Berry – 47

She gave birth at 41 and again when she was 47. Her first son and second child was born 6 years after her first, when she was almost 50. The world was more than a little bit shocked when she announced that she was pregnant at this age, but no one really seemed to mind it.

kelly preston

Kelly Preston – 48

Devastated when she and her husband, famous actor John Travolta, lost their then 16-year-old son while on vacation, the family went through severe turmoil. Eventually, they felt that the best thing to do was to have another baby. She was 48 when she got pregnant with their second son, and they are more than just a little happy to have him in their lives.

geena davis

Geena Davis – 48

She’s someone who has no issue with age and pregnancy. When she was 46, she gave birth to her first daughter. Two years later at the tender young age of 48, she gave birth to twin boys to complete her family. Now look at just how many people in their 40s gave birth to twins at this age. Perhaps my doctor was right about my age.

janet jackson

Janet Jackson – 49

There’s a lot of issue surrounding the Jackson family, and there always has been. There have been rumors for many years that Janet Jackson might not be all right in terms of her health. When she announced earlier in 2016 that she would have to postpone her current tour due to health concerns, people thought cancer. When she said it was because she and her husband were ready to start a family, the world waited impatiently for an announcement. It was recently announced that the singer is into her second trimester with her first pregnancy, and everyone is going on about her age now that she is finally pregnant.

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