10 of Our Favorite Phaedra Parks Tweets

phaedra parks

Of all the housewives in Atlanta, Phaedra Parks probably has the most dramatic story. She’s a successful attorney who met a man she was representing several years ago, married him, had some kids with him and then went through all his legal issues with them. Then she dumped him and moved on. Sure, she’s not going through her own legal issues, she’s not in the middle of a bankruptcy or unable to complete her dream house or anything of that nature, but she’s definitely going through some issues being that she has kids who miss their dad, and she has to pick up the pieces he left behind. Now that she and Apollo Nida are no longer married, she doesn’t have to worry about his jailhouse antics, but she certainly does keep us entertained on Twitter.

Good Advice  You know, Phaedra Parks has been through a lot, and we are happy to see that she doesn’t have an issue sharing good advice. We also love that she seems like the kind of woman who actually pays attention to advice like this.

She Knows A Good Day 

The best way to have a good day is to have a good day, you know.

She’s Optimistic  All she’s been through and Phaedra Parks still manages to find a way to look for the positives in her life, and to make sure she’s able to give thanks for all the good in her life. We love that.

She’s So Upbeat 

We cannot get over how darn upbeat she is, and we love, love, love it. Why can’t more people be like this every day?

She Encourages Good Health  Uh, Phaedra Parks, that’s my line. I use it daily on my kids. “It’s a beautiful day today, go outside and enjoy it,” because I want their childhood memories to include building forts, playing in the yard, riding their bikes and playing sports in the yard, too. I look back on those fondly, and I love good health.

She Loves A Good Laugh 

Phaedra Parks is not afraid to laugh at herself, or the bad jokes her fans like to share with her. We are so onboard with that.

She Gives Back  I don’t care if a celebrity is only helping out because he or she wants to look good in the press; they’re helping out. I love that Phaedra Parks did the same, even though I think she genuinely just wanted to be helpful to those in need.

She Loves Simone Biles 

I love to see celebrities become fans of young people who are doing positive things in their lives. I, too, love Simone Biles. Actually, is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love her? Except for maybe that Russian girl she beat?

She’s Thankful for the Best Things  Phaedra Parks is thankful for all the same things I’m thankful for. Those are things that we need to all learn to appreciate, and it’s admirable she’s picked herself up and really learned to focus on the good in her life.

She Does Use Her Platform Well 

Anyone with a voice this big who uses it so well is an inspiration and a role model. We like that about her, and we are happy to follow her Twitter posts and see that she continues to spread positive messages on a daily basis.

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