10 of the Weirdest Corey Feldman Tweets We’ve Ever Read

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There was a time in his life when Corey Feldman was one of the most famous actors in the world. He was a hit star in the 80s when he starred in hit movies such as “The Goonies,” and “Stand By Me,” and “The Lost Boys,”. It appeared as though he would become one of the most famous and sought after actors of all time, but he seemed to develop a personality that made his fans question his sanity. It wasn’t obvious at first, but it began to be over time. He’s been linked as a childhood friend of Michael Jackson, developing a friendship with the late musician when he became very famous and allowing Jackson to become a role model.

He was subpoenaed when the star was accused of molesting a little boy, and Corey Feldman then decided that he might have been a victim of the star in another manner. He later claimed that the late musician had taken him in, mentored him and then dropped him when he was no longer interested in the star after his career seemed to come to a halt. Since then, Feldman has had moments in his life that have been very questionable and have caused people to wonder about his mental health. If you take a look at his Twitter feed, it’s apparent that he’s a little bit strange from time to time. We don’t like to classify him as being weird since we don’t actually know him, but we can admit that he’s certainly got his quirks.

A Goonies Sequel?  It seems that he likes to spread rumors that may or may not be entirely true, but that’s all right. Nothing has come of this, yet, but his fans believe it will since he said it would.

His Childish References 

Corey Feldman often uses very childish references when he tweets, and it makes his fans wonder.

Dessert or Desert  I can’t decide if he did have a crazy jaunt through an ice cream sundae or across the Sahara. Either way, though, he made his flight and that is all that matters.

The First Person 

Anytime anyone speaks of themselves in the first person, we assume they are a bit strange. It’s weird; sorry not sorry.

twitter feud

Feuding with a Baseball Team 

There was  a time when he lost his mind at a baseball game and then blamed it on the lack of organization.

twitter war

Insulting His Clients 

You don’t have to love your clients, but you do have to show some respect if you want to have more of them. No one wants to work with someone who insults a venue or business after working with them.

twitter wars

The Rudeness 

Calling someone a liar on social media when they can prove that they are not is a bold move, but it’s one that Corey Feldman seems to have no real problem with if you want to be honest.

Classy  Yes, Classy is the word we think of when we picture Corey Feldman and his musical work parties.

The Michael Jackson Thing 

We are just confused by this one. He states the man ruined his childhood, yet he then idolizes him and does things like this.

His lack of confidence 

Corey Feldman is someone who seems to go back and forth. One moment he is exceptionally confident, and the next he is saying things like this and making sure the world knows he is insecure.

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