20 Celebrities Known To Use Dating Apps

Khloe Kardashian

Dating apps help to bring people who are lonely or have had little to no luck finding love together. Even some of the biggest celebrities have admitted to using dating apps to make connections. Some of the most famous people have resorted to using these apps to make acquaintances. Some used them before achieving fame and others continue their search. The growing list of celebrity personalities who want to find love in their lives might surprise you. Here are twenty celebrities who are known to use dating apps.

1. Joshua Rush

J-14 confirms that Joshua Rush admitted that he joined a dating site. He shared the information in March 2020 on Twitter, that he was a member of Bumble. His profile appeared on the website as confirmation.

2. Bethenny Frankel

People reveals that Bethenny Frankel, of “The New Housewives” fame, met her current fiance online. Businessman Paul Bernon was also on the site hoping to meet someone special. Although she didn’t reveal which dating app she used, she met Bermon on the site and is happy to report that she no longer needs to use the app because she met a genuine person that she now plans to marry. In Bethenny’s case, it worked out well and her search is now over.

3. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore shared her secret about using a dating app in 2020. Drew admitted that for the longest time she was too busy with other aspects of her life to find the time for dating. After watching a sexy television series, she seemed to have a new outlook on the situation. She shared that while watching the Netflix series “Bridgerton,” she returned to using a dating app, after realizing that she’s still available for a relationship in her life. Barrymore recently discussed dating on a CBS talk show and shared that it’s difficult to date as a single mom. She realizes that online dating is one of the most common ways to get to know people, especially with the current pandemic under full swing. Drew shared that she has no interest in getting married again. She said that she might consider living with someone for a while if she meets the right person, but for now, she’s quite content living a single life.

4. Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is a celebrated film star. He seems to have it all with good looks, wealth, and a successful career. Although he’s currently with someone, he did resort to using a fake Facebook profile. he wanted to meet people who didn’t know who he was to find someone real who wouldn’t go after him because of his celebrity status. Orlando seems to be a down-to-earth person. He, like anyone else, is just looking for true love and sincerity.

5. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is another famous person who uses dating apps. She had some trouble setting up her Bumble account because the administrators didn’t believe it was really her. She was able to get the situation resolved and continued on to create a profile on the dating site. She joins the number of famous people who just want to meet someone real with hopes of finding love. The problem occurred when users reported the profile as being fake. They couldn’t believe that someone of her status was using a dating app.

6. Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is known for her role as Amy in the movie “Pitch Perfect.” revealed that she was active on a dating app before she met her current ex, Jacob Busch. She went for a safer app for high-profile single people called Raya. She said that she spent a few years on the site, but she also added that she didn’t use the site when she was involved with someone. She mentioned that she’s only active for a few weeks at a time so it’s not a regular thing with her. She’s curious about who may be out there when she does use the site. She also confided that there are quite a few of her friends in the music industry who use the dating app, but she did not disclose the names of celebrities that she is aware of.

7. Charlize Theron

The beautiful Charlize Theron is another celebrity who has used dating apps. She was introduced to it by one of her friends in the industry. Theron shared that Chelsea Handler told her about the app and encouraged her to create a profile, advising her that most people in the industry who are single are doing it. Theron didn’t know how the apps worked so Handler showed her how to do it. Charlize gave it a try, but she isn’t convinced that it’s the right thing for her. Her preference is to meet someone the old-fashioned way. She quickly learned about how awkward it can be when people make strange comments to her. Theron is still single and she hasn’t found anyone through the dating apps yet. She prefers to meet someone the natural way, or by a friend giving them a hookup. She prefers the old-school way of doing things.

8. Lizzo

US Magazine confirmed that Lizzo has also tried dating apps. She is best known for “The Truth Hurts.” The singer signed up with Raya and made an attempt to hook up with another singer, but it didn’t work out. She said that she spent a week on the app and did have a little fun but the app that is celebrity-based became boring for her. Although she has tried it, Lizzo isn’t really into the app for the long haul. She also tried one of the other dating apps that she described as “lower-echelon. She complained about the need to get confirmed before they approve your membership. Lizzo seems to be a bit reserved in her opinion about using dating apps.

9. Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy is an internet celebrity who shared that she is also using dating apps. She made the revelation in the Fall of 2021 on the Ellen Degeneres show. Koshy confirmed that she uses the Raya dating app. Although she used a lot of humor to describe her activities on the site, she did share that she has been doing a lot of swiping. She also invited others to look her up on the dating site.

10. Meghan King

Meghan King of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” fame shared that she also used a dating app to find her special someone. She met her current husband Cuffe Ownes on a dating app. The two were paired on the Raya dating site. It apparently worked out well for King because she has her man.

11. Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” where he discussed his experiences with dating apps. The former athlete shared that he created a profile on Tinder. he didn’t have a lot of luck on the site though. When he shared his real name, nobody believed that it was really him, so he struck out on making a match.

12. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is another celebrity personality who has used dating apps. The former star of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” shared that she created an app on the OkCupid dating site for a few giggles. This was her first experience with dating apps. Khloe just wanted to see what it was like and have a little fun. Her pal Malika Hagg helped her set up the account on the dating site. Although she didn’t disclose the results, she did say that she had a lot of fun on the site.

13. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is another celebrity who decided to give the Raya dating site a try. Demi used the account for dating until she met someone she was interested in being with. She deleted her Raya account out of respect for her partner. When Lovato broke up with her former partner, Demi tried to get back on the site but was blocked because of the other account. She decided that she didn’t need to be on the site if it would be a hassle. Lovato didn’t fight it. Instead, choosing to take some time for herself and be alone.

14. Chase Crawford

Chase Crawford has had plenty of experience using online dating apps. he is known for his role in “Gossip Girl.” The actor had hopes of finding love without revealing his status as a celebrity until he found a genuine person who wasn’t interested in him because he was a celebrity. He tried the Jewish dating site JDate.com, although he isn’t Jewish, and a speed dating site, among others. Chase shared that he has used the dating app for years. He has had numerous incognito accounts to maintain his privacy.

15. Hannah Brown

Ace Showbiz revealed that “The Bachelorette” alum Hannah Brown also attempted to use a dating app about a year ago. She admitted to creating a profile, she was awaiting membership approval. These things take time. Raya is an exclusive site. The powers in charge can take months to decide for membership approval. She met her boyfriend Adam Woolard through a dating app, but she didn’t disclose which. We’re assuming it wasn’t Raya because it took months for her to hear back from them.

16. Matthew Perry

Page Six confirms that Matthew Perry signed up for the Raya dating site back in 2016. The star was in his 50s when he communicated with a younger woman, age 19. When news leaked about his communications, it created a social controversy because of the age difference. Perry had matched with her on Raya. The TikTok user’s name is Kate Haralson, and she made a big deal out of his attempts to communicate with her. She publicly shamed him for trying to talk to someone so much younger.

17. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is another big star that has used a dating app. Ben Affleck is confirmed as a user on Page Six. His membership was confirmed as a user in May 2021. Ben has had similar issues that other stars have had, with users not believing that it’s really him on the site. They assume that the account is fake. Many users on the site unmatch themselves from his profile. Affleck has sometimes resorted to sending a personal video. It helps confirm that it is in fact, him on the site and not an imposter.

18. Channing Tatum

When Channing Tatum and singer Jessie J. split up, he joined the Raya dating site. Tatum is known for his role in “Magic Mike.” He used his role as a stripper to introduce himself, making full apologies, although it’s not likely needed. We also learned that he used “Brown Sugar” as his profile song.

19. Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll has a success story to share about his experiences on dating sites. He joined the Raya dating site. He met his current wife, Lily Kwong, a landscape artist, on the dating site in 2018. The couple kept their relationship private until it was time to announce that they were married in 2020. The happy family recently welcomed their new son into the world in January of 2021. Kroll’s story is proof that dating apps can help you find your life partner if you’re patient and selective.

20. Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is a well-known comedian who has no problem sharing that she is active on the Raya dating site. She shared that it became her favorite app while the pandemic is in full swing. It was a way for her to safely connect with people in an online environment. The dating app helps her find some kind of normalcy during the years when everything has been turned upside down on the social scene. She is an avid user of the app. Chelsea helped other celebrities to set up their profiles for online dating.

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