10 Realistic Futures for Scott Disick Once He’s Booted from the Kardashian Empire

scott disick

Scott Disick…it’s difficult to decide how to feel about the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s three children and her recent ex, but we’re sure most people feel the same way. On one hand, it’s pretty safe to say he’s kind of a mess. He’s out of control and he’s got some serious issues. On the other hand, he’s hilarious and we kind of love watching him on television. He may or may not be the greatest personality ever to grace the household Kardashian. But on that note, we do hate that his hilarity is enabled by his addictions and substance abuse problems. It makes it even sadder that there are three small children involved, and that they’re going to grow up with either an absentee father or one who does not set a very good example. It seems, though we would not be surprised if the opposite occurs, that Kardashian is completely finished with Disick this time. The drinking, the stints in rehab and the alleged cheating and photos of him cozying up to another woman while out of town and away from Kourtney are just too much for her to handle. Now that he’s done with the Kardashians as far as his close and personal relationship with the family, what’s next for Scott Disick?

Rehab – Again

If we get totally and completely honest, I think we can all agree that an absolutely certain future for Scott Disick is another stint in rehab. It’s not our belief he will do this willingly so much as he will do it because some judge orders him to get sober before he can visit with his kids on a regular basis. And there is a chance that this will be a Kris Jenner-doing.

A Reality Television Show

Let’s be real; Disick is hilarious. He’s honest and he’s brutal and even though his actions shoving money down the throat of a waiter in Las Vegas several years on a KUWTK were abhorrent, he makes for good television. Some enterprising young person is going to look to capitalize on the fact that he is no longer a part of the Kardashian empire by asking him to star in a reality television show. It seems pretty legit.


Did you know that Scott Disick was once a model for young adult novels? When he was growing up, he had some troubles with the law, but that did not stop the young Hampton-ite from making waves in the modeling industry. He’s still young. He could be quite handsome if he put some effort into it, and he certainly has the look of a model. So why not? He’s a famous face and someone will want to use that to their advantage.

A Custody Battle

The most realistic future for Scott Disick is a custody battle with Kourtney Kardashian. Here’s the deal; she’s not really an evil person, and something tells me she’d like her children’s father to be a part of their lives. However, it does seem to me that she will not allow this unless she feels that he’s not endangering them or behaving inappropriately around them, so the battle will likely occur in the near future.

Paid Appearances

He’s the famous guy who spends his time with the Kardashians and has three babies of his own with one of them. This means he’s money and gold to those who want to pay someone to make appearances at their parties or clubs. He’s done it in the past, and he loves to party. So we think that he might continue to accept jobs as a paid character so that he can make some money and still party hard all the time.

A Tell All

If the split is really a serious one, and it could be, he’s going to capitalize on all he knows about this family. He will work hard to ensure that he gets what he thinks he deserves, especially if anyone tries to keep him from his kids. And that’s just the sad truth about the entire situation.

DJ Gigs

It’s already been announced that he’s got some upcoming guest DJ appearances to make, and that means he might make a career out of this. I mean, if Paris Hilton can do it, there is no real reason that he cannot do it, too. It’s not like the job is something that will require him to do something he does not like, so he might even be pretty good at it.

Product Launches

In the past, he’s had several products to launch. This even includes a self tanning lotion, so we are certain that he will get on board with things like this in the future. It’s basically a job that requires helping someone to choose packaging and putting his name on things, showing up for events and basically selling himself as a package with the product. He can do that, and he can probably do a great job of it, too.

A Clothing Line

If there is one thing you cannot argue, it’s the fact that Scott Disick is certainly well dressed. We’d go so far as to call him dapper, despite the fact that he rarely behaves in the manner of a dapper gentleman. But, hey, he certainly does look the part. He’s got great fashion sense, style and he knows what looks good together and what is appropriate for any given event, and we love that about him. Perhaps a clothing line would be a great idea considering the fact that he has so much to offer in that line of business.

A Reunion with Kourtney

This is the most unlikely and yet the most likely future for Scott Disick. This is a couple that has proven time and time again that they simply cannot stay away from one another. They are like addicts that keep going back for more even though they know perfectly well that things are not working out between the two of them. We would not be shocked to see the two of them together again before too long. It’s just how they operate.

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

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