10 Reality Stars Who Truly Deserve Trademarked Names

kris jenner

A trademark is a certain word or phrase that is ‘trademarked’ so that no one else but the person who owns the rights to that phrase can use it in any manner. For example, Jay-Z and Beyonce once tried to trademark their daughter Blue Ivy’s name, but it did not go so well since a woman with an event planning company had already used the name for her business in 2009. However, they’re trying again so that they can trademark her entire name, Blue Ivy Carter. The reason? They don’t want anyone to be able to create a business using their daughter’s name to their advantage, making it look to the world as if they are working together with the family.

Okay, so that doesn’t seem entirely out of reach, right? How about the reality stars that are working really hard to trademark their names so that they can be the only ones who use them – ever – in Hollywood? The purpose is so that other celebs and wanna-be celebs cannot use the same name in the business so that they don’t earn money from the name that was made famous by someone else. Actually; it’s not really a horrible concept. However, it means some pretty interesting things for people with average names. Here are 10 reality stars we totally think should trademark their own names.

kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner

She’s the most famous model in the world right now, alongside her friend Gigi Hadid, and they are all over the world with their fashion appearances and their sudden fame. However, she’s working on trademarking her name so that no one else in the world can become famous using the name “Kendall.” Oh, you thought she was trademarking her entire name? No, just her first name. Sorry to all those who are actually named Kendall who might never be able to seek fame from that name.

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner

Kylie wants the world to know that her name is special and only she can make money off of it. We think that perhaps her mother might have something to do with this one, since it’s a common name that just about everyone has nowadays. This means anyone with the name Kylie can use it all they want, but not if they plan on becoming famous via reality television, clothing or any of the other business endeavors that the real Kylie Jenner created.

the situation

The Situation

For no other reason than the fact that the world does not need anyone else going by this name at all, we think he should go ahead and trademark this one. The former Jersey Shore reality star has a situation on his hands, and that is one that he can fix if he just gets to work on getting this done.



Actually, she’s already trademarked her name. So, really, that’s too bad for all the other people in the world who were looking to become famous reality stars by using the same nickname as the new momma. It’s now allowed; it’s her nickname and she says you cannot use it. Additionally, her trademark also says you cannot use it.



Well, she’s not really going by Snooki anymore, but the former bronzed reality star should go ahead and make sure no one else can, either. She’s now going by her given name, which is good considering she’s a mother to two small kids and should keep those two lives as far apart as possible. We like that she could do it, though, so that no one else can profit from it.

alexis bellino

Alexis Bellino

Her name is nothing special, really, but we definitely think that she should take Tamra Barney (Judge)’s own criticism and name calling and use it against her. She spent years calling Alexis Bellino Jesus Jugs on national television, and we think she should trademark it so that Judge (Barney, whoever) can no longer call her this on national television without being in trouble by the law. It would be quite hilarious.

kanye west


So he’s a musician before he is a reality star, but you don’t marry Kim Kardashian without actually becoming a reality star. Additionally, we would hate for the world to have to deal with more Kanye’s, so we recommend that he go ahead and he trademark this one so that the rest of the world only has to deal with one Kanye for the rest of his life. It’s all we can handle, really.

scott disick

Scott Disick

He goes by the nickname, Lord, and we think that he needs to go ahead and trademark Lord Disick, because we kind of just love the name. He obviously has some serious issues, and he needs some serious help, but we love that he makes us laugh and that he always has to be honest and say something that no one else would dare say. He made us laugh when he was part of the family, and we have to admit we kind of miss him a bit.

kris jenner

Kris Jenner

When Kim married that one guy for those five minutes before she annulled their marriage and then got knocked up while still married, she married a Kris. The same spelling as her mother. I would think that she would not like the idea that someone else in the Kardashian/Jenner clan had the same name in the same spelling as her own, as it might take all the attention off of her, which we know she certainly does not want. We won’t be surprised if she does trademark this one – or all names that begin with K.

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Obviously, she’s the biggest reality star in the world. Women everywhere are trying to look like her with their cheekbone implants, their hair extensions, booty implants and so much more. It’s our recommendation that she go ahead and trademark her name before someone else tries to use it and takes away from her fame. Oh, right; as if someone can really take away from her fame and all she’s done.

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