Getting to Know the Cast of Deadliest Job Interview

redwood trees

The Deadliest Job Interview is the kind of reality television show that will make you sit still and fear for your own life even though you are not the person in the middle of a death-defying situation. These men are men who are looking to find their way up the career ladder in some of the most dangerous jobs in the world, from climbing to the top of redwood trees with a chainsaw in hand to diving down into the depths of the most dangerous, deepest and most insane caves in the world to driving the heaviest and most dangerous trucks in the world.

These are not jobs that are for the weak or the unskilled. These are jobs in which people actually die, and it happens more than you might think. You have to see it to believe it, but it’s heart-pounding and scary. These men are doing whatever it takes to get to the top of their game (or a bit tree) and even they are a little bit afraid of what might happen to them along the way. Tune in to meet these brave (or maybe just crazy) men and see them try some of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Zac Wilder

He is an arborist with more than 25 years in the game. His goal in life is to nurture and teach the new men on his crew how to do their jobs correctly and how to do them so that they remain safe and sound. He is an expert at tree removal and at climbing, and he is second to none. He thinks it’s fun to take his new employees to sites where old employees died doing their job.

Sean Bredeson

He wants to be an arborist, but he’s a rookie. This Minnesota native is actually a little scared of heights, but he’s a college student and arborist who wants to make his way to the top of the redwoods before he’s been with the company a year.

Nate Esposito

They call him Late Nate because he is always late, and he has no idea what he is doing most of the time. He’s been with the arborist company for more than two years but hasn’t been given the courtesy of going up in trees yet. He wants to make more money, but he cannot get up in the trees with a promotion until he manages to make it to work on time regularly.

Tomas Luporini

He’s been dying to become an arborist since he saw his boss remove a tree from the yard of his childhood home, but he’s afraid of heights. With more than two years working for the company under his belt, he’s never climbed more than 40 feet and he struggles with this fears.

Tim Beck

He has one of the most successful heavy haul trucking companies in the country, and he loves what he does. He no longer does it for the money so much as he does it for the thrill, and he loves every second of his work and his job. He loves to spend time on the road, and he considers every single heavy load he has a challenge. He wants his new men to appreciate it the way that he does, too.

Jim Mason

Jim is Tim Beck’s right hand man, and the one in charge of all new hires. He is a safety freak and that’s a good thing to be in this business. He doesn’t take kindly to drivers who do not follow the rules and do what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it.

Fred Leverette

He’s a trucker with a lot of experience in his past driving. However, he’s never driven oversized, heavy or exceptionally dangerous loads. He is doing that now, and he feels he is ready for it. However, Tim doesn’t feel that Fred has what it takes and he is trying to teach him to be a better driver so he can make more money and earn his way to the top.

Milne Pocock

They call him CC and it’s because he’s lived through two crashes. They call him Captain Crash for it, and he’s a major pilot. He’s done everything from taking travelers to places they need to go to dropping supplies down to refugees in war torn territories. He is the most famous, best bush pilot in the world and he is located in South Africa, where most bush pilots go for their training. They want it from the best, and he’s there to give it to them.

Ron Vargas

He’s a Texas native, a former Army Soldier and he is looking to run his own bush pilot company. However, he needs training and he needs it from the best person in the business. He has no experience bush piloting, and he’s hoping this provides him with what he needs.

Chris Higgins

With a certification in caving since he was only 16, this is a man who has been doing this job most of his life. His professional photography just makes him one of the most famous caving consultants in the world, and he has made a real career for himself.

Clinton Elmore

He’s a man with caving in his blood. Both of his parent are professional cavers. He’s been in caves since he was a child, and he has earned a degree that will take him far in his career. He graduated with a degree in geology and is currently working on a Masters Degree in Geoscience. He makes caves, creates rope walks in caves and he has allowed more of his men to explore further down than almost anyone in the history of caving.

Kevin Hollister

He’s making a career change. He currently cleans up hazmat sites and wants to become a caver. However, he knows nothing about it and needs to learn. He loves things that make him feel scared and alive, such as dangerous athletics and hobbies, but he has a lot to learn about this business.

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