10 Reasons You Should be an Amanda Salinas Twitter Follower

amanda salinas

You know her as one of the twins from the hit show Little Women: Atlanta, and you probably adore her. Amanda Salinas is funny, she’s a great sister, and she has a fun personality. She is one of those reality stars it is much easier to like more regularly than other stars. She has her moments, of course, but her fans are big fans of hers. She and her sister have always known they want to be famous, and they coined themselves the Tiny Twins. They were born and raised in Texas, but they moved to Atlanta during their adulthood so that they could take part in the club scene in and around the city. People either love her or they hate her, but she’s certainly someone that people feel something for. If you are not following her on Twitter yet, it’s time to do that. We have 10 amazing reasons you should click that “Follow” button today.

She’s not afraid to lobby for what she wants  If there is one reason that you should follow Amanda Salinas, it’s because she is always retweeting what anyone says about her needing her own show. She’s even happy to allow the idea of her twin sister starring with her to end up on the table.

She loves her sister bond 

I have twins of my own. They might be a boy and a girl, but I will tell you that even at only 2-years-old, these two have the most magnificent bond. They look out for one another. They love one another. They are horrible to one another sometimes, but you better believe that they do not tolerate anyone but themselves doing that. It’s a sweet bond, and this Tweet proves that.

She’s not afraid of her sister  When someone calls out her sister’s deadbeat man, she is the first one to agree with them. That’s some serious sisterly love right there, even if you don’t think it is.

She loves her fans 

We can say that Amanda Salinas does love that she is a famous star. We can also say that she loves when her fans point out to her that she is amazing. She’s always retweeting the things that make her feel good.

She doesn’t like to fight with her sister 

Sisters fight hard, and it’s because they love one another so much. Amanda doesn’t want to see her sister hurt, and she thinks she can do better. It’s not the best situation to be in, but they make it work most of the time.

She’s her own biggest fan  Amanda Salinas is the kind of woman who is her own biggest fan, and there is nothing wrong with that. I feel as if I might not be my own biggest fan on reality television watching myself over and over again, but I appreciate those with the confidence to love themselves.

She loves her mama

Amanda Salinas is a woman who loves her mother. It is refreshing to see that she does have such a good relationship with both her mother and her sister, and she’s never afraid to admit it.

Baby photos galore  I always say that few things in life are better than baby photos and animal photos. Amanda Salinas has the most amazing photos of the most darling little ones on her page, and that’s why you should follow her – among other reasons.

Who doesn’t love popcorn 

This has nothing to do with anything, but I love popcorn when it’s all buttery and delicious. I just thought I’d share that. If it’s dry, don’t even bother with it.

She is always making friends 

She likes that people like her. I always have my favorite celebrities that I feel I could really be best friends with, but they never mention it back to me. I mean, I never put it out there.

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