Are All These Divorces Perhaps Halle Berry’s Fault?

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Halle Berry is a woman everyone loves to watch on television and in the movies. She’s lovely, by every stretch of the imagination, and she is someone who is good at what she does. What she is not good at, however, is marriage. According to her very tumultuous relationships with her exes, it seems that there is something about her that is not quite right in terms of her personal life. Now, we don’t know Halle Berry and we aren’t judging her for her personal choices; a woman is free to be with whomever she’d like and leave when it’s no longer working. But it seems that someone who seems to have so much of her life together would have a much better track record with marriages and relationships that she.

That leads us to ask, is it possible that her recently announced third divorce is her fault? Are her first two divorces all her fault? It might seem that there is one common denominator in all her marriages; Halle Berry. It would make sense that perhaps she’s the one to blame since she has had three failed marriages and several very serious relationships that have not ended well. We don’t know, but we do know that her exes have very few nice things to say about Halle Berry.

I know, I know; most exes have very little to say in terms of kind words about their former spouses. However, the few divorced people that I know are very civil and even kind to one another. They work hard to ensure that their failed relationship does not affect their children anymore than it needs to, and they work hard to be courteous of one another for the sake of their kids, their friends and their (one time) shared family. They’ve learned to forgive – if not forget- and move on because we all know that the past is in the past.

Let’s look and see what we might be able to tell from the pattern of Halle Berry’s previous marriages and relationships to see if there is a common denominator other than her in the equation.

Halle Berry and David Justice – Married January 1, 1993

This is a couple that actually met through a reporter who mentioned to Berry that the famous baseball player was a big fan of hers. She gave her number to the reporter, who apparently gave it to Justice and the two began dating not too long after that. I guess he called. They were married 11 months after they met, and they were married for only three years and one month. There was no official word as to whether or not one or the other cheated, but she did later admit that she was so depressed during the end of her marriage to Justice that she did try to take her own life. Her mother saved her when she found her in the car in the garage with the car running and the door closed.

Halle Berry and Eric Benet – Married January 24, 2001

These two met in 1999 and dated for two years before the made the decision to marry in 2001. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only two years as they decided to separate in 2003. The reason for their divorce is that Eric Benet is a self-described sex addict who had a difficult time being faithful to his wife.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez – Married July 13, 2013

They are not yet officially divorced, but the couple (who share a little boy) did announce that they are divorcing in 2015. The reason is that he lives in France and has no desire to live in California, where she resides. However, she has a daughter with her ex-boyfriend and cannot move the little girl out of the country to live with her new husband. It seems their marriage didn’t work out because of logistics. All the reasons that these marriages broke up (with the exception of the fact that we don’t actually know what happened with David Justice) seem pretty reasonable.

The Tweet

What makes this all seem like it could be more Halle Berry-related than anything else (aside from the fact that she is the only person involved in all three marriages and two relationships that ended with lawsuits against her) is the fact that David Justice, the first ex-husband of Halle Berry, let out a big time rant on Twitter earlier in November, and it was not favorable. That wasn’t it, though; Eric Benet then praised the rant. Could Halle Berry be the reason that none of her marriages last?

You see, she announced many years ago that she is 80% deaf in one ear after a very famous ex of hers beat her so badly she lost her hearing. She never announced who it was that hit her, but she let the world think that it was David Justice. It was not. However, he was mad about something and he let loose his real feelings about his ex on Twitter.

“It just makes me mad to still see the same lie being perpetuated about the source of her abuse being me. Never happened!” he tweeted followed by several more in which he wrote, “Only the guys in the relationship with Halle know the real deal. There will be another, of course. He’ll be called “The Best,” until it ends,” he ranted.

That’s when Halle Berry’s second ex-husband, Eric Benet, tweeted the following, “My man @23davidjustice is tweeting some truth ‘dis morning,” and left it at that. The two are not friends, nor do they have a relationship with one another. However, it seems that they are in agreement that perhaps the real reason that their marriages did not work out is that their ex-wife is the issue.

If you look at what Justice tweeted, it implies that Berry is the one who has a wandering eye. “There will be another,” “He’ll be called ‘the best’ until it ends,” he says, and his ex’s next ex has to agree with that. While Olivier Martinez has said nothing about his soon-to-be ex, it seems that one day he, too, might open up about his marriage to her.

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