The 10 Most Rugged Looking Male Celebrities on the Planet

the rock

The term rugged is defined as, “strongly made and capable of withstanding rough handling,” and it makes you think of certain things. Perhaps rugged terrain such as mountainous roads or hiking trails is what comes to mind when the term rugged is used in your presence. Or perhaps you take on a more interesting train of thought, such as men with rugged good looks. To me, a man with rugged good looks is one who looks and comes across as strong, capable and ready for anything and after asking around, it seems that I’m not alone in my thinking. Rugged seems to be one of those characteristics that many women love in a man, especially in a celebrity. While I prefer a man more like my husband, sophisticated and elegant, I can admit that there is something about a rugged gentleman that does have certain appeal. It seems to be a characteristic that helps men age well and remain handsome into their golden years, and it seems to me that Hollywood almost proves that.

Some of the most rugged men in the business are the ones who have been around for years, but not all of them. We’ve done some digging and come up with a list of some of the most rugged men in Hollywood, and I think everyone can agree on this one. There’s something so rugged and so manly about each of the men on this list, and while there certainly are plenty of rugged and manly men in Hollywood, these are among the most.


Bruce Willis

He’s a man who we might not call classically handsome, but his rugged appeal and manly nature do have a certain charm about them. He’s a man who looks as if he is capable of just about anything, and the fact that he’s had some of the coolest roles in Hollywood might have a little something to do with that. It seems he’s a manly man all the way through, and that’s got a certain appeal for many women.


Chris Hemsworth

At the moment, he might be one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Handsome, rugged and absolutely gorgeous, women love him and men want to be him. He’s got a certain appeal that’s hard to find, and he’s working it in several roles. His rugged nature is undeniable.


Hugh Jackman

Wolverine himself is a very rugged man. There is something about his demeanor that’s so masculine we cannot get over it. It also helps in that he seems not to have aged a day in his life, and he’s someone who remains as handsome as ever every time we see him out and about. There’s something about a manly man like him that gets better with age.


Harrison Ford

Even in his 70s, he’s still one of the manliest and most rugged men in the business. He’s still flying his own planes, doing many of his own stunts and rocking the aging process. There’s no denying that he’s one of the original rugged men of Hollywood, and we have a feeling he’s never going to lose his rugged appeal. Perhaps it’s all in his personality.


Joe Manganiello

No one can argue that there is exceptional manliness associated with the fiancé of Sofia Vergara, and that’s probably a big part of his appeal to her. He’s rugged and sexy and very well-made. His body is one to die for, and his personality seems just as masculine as his outward appearance, and there is something to be said for that.


Daniel Craig

He’s another one that emits masculinity and rugged manliness. He’s a man of many faces, and some of his most famous roles have been of men who are strong, intelligent and very capable, and that’s what we love most about him. He’s got some serious sexy going on, and that cannot be helped. Let’s all hear it for this one; he deserves the attention.


Pierce Brosnan

Some might argue with me here. He’s slight, he looks amazing in a suit and he seems more sophisticated and chic than rugged and manly, but we have to disagree. There is something about Pierce Brosnan that says “Man’s man,” and we love that about him. He’s certainly a man with a unique look and a gorgeous face, and we think he’d be just as comfortable doing something manly as he would dressing up in a tux sipping champagne.


Channing Tatum

I know that the world loves and adores Channing Tatum, but I can admit he’s not my own idea of eye candy. He seems to come across as funny and self-deprecating, intelligent and good at his job when I see him in interviews, and he does have a killer body. However, he’s just not my style. But even I can admit that he’s a pretty manly looking man with a very rugged appeal. That’s probably a large part of what makes women go nuts over him.

the rock

The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the manliest men in Hollywood, but we love that he also has a big heart. He’s good with kids, he’s always got his mom with him and he’s very charitable. He’s also extremely built and works hard to maintain his very sexy physique. He probably wins all kinds of awards for being a very manly man, and we can see him with a rugged appeal. He’s definitely a good actor, but his body is what wins the most adoration from his fans, we think.


Sly Stallone

You can’t make a list of men who are rugged and manly without going here; Sly Stallone just looks rugged. He looks like someone who has been there and done that and is always up for more. He’s a man who has captured the hearts of America and held onto them for decades, and that’s something. He’s not someone that seems to take himself too seriously in terms of his appeal, but he’s certainly someone who takes care of his body and his physique.

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