20 Celebrities Who Have Had a Thread Lift

Gwyneth Paltrow

Cosmetic surgery has played a huge role in society among people who are required to have a nip here, a tuck there. While for the most part, it appears the reason behind it is for beautification reasons, there have been cases where cosmetic surgery has also proven to be a life-saving procedure. However, in Hollywood, celebrities usually favor some form of cosmetic enhancement to fend off the visual effects of the aging process, something not a single creature is able to avoid.

One of the most common cosmetic surgeries among celebrities is done on the face. While stylish clothing and bodystockings may help cover up certain imperfections, the face isn’t quite as easy to mask the obvious. Even the best cosmetics money can buy will not hide the laugh lines, nor the eye bags, or any other facial transformations that come with the effects of aging.

Face Lift Terminology

The official medical term for it is Rhytidectomy. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, this type of cosmetic procedure ranks sixth overall as requests made by the people. The primary purpose behind the facelift is to pull back the aging skill as a means to smooth out the wrinkles and remove the excess skin tissue.

This procedure has become so commonplace among plastic surgeons that there is a multitude of celebrities who’ve had this done. While most of the time the procedure seems to be successful, there have been celebrities who’ve been on the receiving end of work that did not produce the beautification result they hoped for.

Along Comes Thread Lifts

Opting to avoid an actual surgical procedure to improve upon one’s looks, the procedure is known as Thread Lifts has become an increasingly popular alternative to cosmetic surgery as we know it. This method uses silicone threads with barbs to pull back the skin of the face and neck upwards without excising it.

These threads are non-absorbable and are combined with a variety of other rejuvenation methods such as sutures and antiptosis. Studies have proven this is a safer procedure that also brings forth better results. It is also more accessible as an actual surgical procedure requires the patient to undergo a series of tests to determine if they’re qualified to receive facial surgery or not. With a thread lift, there are no mandatory qualifications, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t a fair amount of risk involved.

According to cosmetic doctors who are professionally trained as aesthetic practitioners, undergoing a thread lift is one of the most dangerous procedures to perform. There is a multitude of complications that can erupt, mainly because the threads stay in the skin and cannot simply be pulled out. While the results can be very good, there is also the possibility of sustaining serious damage that will be irreversible.

In the Name of Show Business

Living in the public spotlight where it seems to be important to look as good as possible, there are some celebrities who believe it’s worth the medical risk to undergo procedures to look younger than they actually are. Especially in the entertainment industry that has been known to be so hard on celebrities who fail to look their absolute best, they need to look young enough to appeal to an audience has remained just as intense today as it has been since the earliest days of Broadway and Hollywood.

There are a number of celebrities that have undergone thread lifts, but not all of them have experienced the ideal result they hoped to achieve. Good or bad, there are some celebrities that come to mind that had thread lifts performed on them. There are twenty that come to mind in this list where some may be common knowledge among the fans while others may come as a bit of a surprise.

Angelina Jolie

20. Angelina Jolie

Beauty queen turned actress Angelina Jolie has often been scrutinized by beauticians, cosmetologists, and fans about the cosmetic procedures she undergoes to maintain Hollywood-favoring looks that kept landing her lead roles while many actresses in her age group struggle to get a bit part. While there is little doubt Jolie does look after herself, there is also little doubt the facial help received some help. Unlike most celebrities, the spritzes of youth that she gets aren’t as blatantly obvious as some that look like they would have been better off to avoid cosmetic procedures altogether.

Nicole Kidman

19. Nicole Kidman

Like scores of Hollywood celebrities, Nicole Kidman is no stranger to undergoing cosmetic treatment, whether it be under the knife or treatments. Like so many that will never openly admit the full story about their looks, it’s hard to pinpoint exact dates when each procedure is done, especially thread lifts as they’re typically less obvious than botox and surgeries that are as radical as Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner.

Sandra Bullock

18. Sandra Bullock

When looking at a 2004 picture of Sandra Bullock, then one in 2016, the first observation is what sort of plastic surgery did she use to have such a transformation. This was one of the first, relatively thorough stories run about the procedure. It also pointed out how commonplace such a surgery is among celebrities. Red Set Beauty not only goes into fantastic detail about thread lifts but just how common a procedure it has become.

Kourtney Kardashian

17. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger to plastic surgery, nor any form of cosmetic procedure there is. It’s as if this is just something that runs in the family. Although she is not as much in the public spotlight as Kim and Khloe, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t think about tapping into the threads of youth herself. When taking a good look at those eyes of hers, they’re notably cattier than they were when the public first saw them.

Demi Moore

16. Demi Moore

Demi Moore is no stranger to cosmetic procedures, including surgery. After seeming to step out of the Hollywood spotlight for some time, she has been making appearances again and looking really good doing it. In order for the facial features to keep up with all that hard work, she does to keep her body in fit shape, using the thread lift procedure to do it without looking too obvious about it has been something she’s been suspected of doing before it became recognized as a trend.

Jenna Dewan

15. Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan is best known for her recurring role on the Supergirl series as Lucy Lane. When approaching the message forums of her fans, there is common mention of her looks and how a thread lift is how she achieved this. Dewan has a history of undergoing cosmetic procedures, which is noted on Stars Surgery.

Olivia Culpo

14. Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo became Miss USA in 2012 as she represented her home state of Rhode Island. Although Culpo often promotes the “Botox for Beginners” on her Pinterest channel these days. There are also a number of social media posts, as well as public appearances that have had cosmetologists and beauty technicians confirm Culpo displays enough evidence to show she’s undergone the thread lift herself.

Christie Brinkley

13. Christie Brinkley

One of the most famous glamor models of her time, Christie Brinkley is also no stranger to cosmetic procedures. The beauty queen used to grace the magazines and win over an audience of men and women who either wanted to be like her or merely fantasize about her. According to New Beauty, she makes it publicly known that she is in full support of undergoing certain cosmetic procedures, including thread lifts, to maintain a youthful appearance as a means to not just look good, but also feel good.

Kylie Jenner

12. Kylie Jenner

The daughter of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner capitalized on the fame her former Olympian father achieved by winning over a large fan following through her social media presence. She, along with her older sister, Kendall, has jumped on the cat-eye appearance trend that has become an increasingly popular look. Currently, this method can only be achieved through either cosmetic surgery or thread lift. Also having relations to the Kim and Khloe Kardashian, who’ve both had this procedure done as well, as has her sister, young Kylie has opted to do the same as well.

Khloe Kardashian

11. Khloe Kardashian

The Kardashian sisters, including Khloe, became big-name celebrities since the infamous OJ Simpson court case that was publicly held in 1995. As one of Hollywood’s princesses that is often in the spotlight, the pressure to look good has also influenced Khloe to undergo the thread lift treatment. According to New Beauty, Khloe is no stranger to a number of cosmetic enhancements.

Melinda Messenger

10. Melinda Messenger

Former pin-up glamor model and TV personality, Melinda Messenger underwent a thread lift while in her mid-forties in 2016 in what she admitted in interviews was her desire to look good. She had this procedure done before appearing as Snow White for a theatre show in the UK.

Gillian Taylforth

9. Gillian Taylforth

Published on Daily Mail’s website in 2015, the actress best known for her role as Kathy Beale on EastEnders was reported to have the thread lift procedure done as a 60th birthday present to herself. Her testimony revealed she used an anti-aging procedure that used dissolvable thread to remove those unsightly wrinkles.

Kendall Jenner

8. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is the half-sister to Kim Kardashian, whose fame has been earned as a model and internet personality that knows how to captivate an audience through the genius of using social media platforms to her advantage. Likely following the footsteps of her half-sister, who also had a thread lift done, she did the same, but with a twist. The lift she received now has her eyes featuring a more catty appearance. Although she has not publicly revealed she received a thread lift, people who pay close attention to what celebrities do to their faces and bodies have taken notice. The new-look can only be achieved by a cosmetic procedure of some kind. Kendall Jenner is the older sister to Kylie and is also Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s daughter.

Bella Hadid

7. Bella Hadid

Since 2015, Bella Hadid has been acting and modeling and is best known for her association with Victoria’s Secret. The trend to shape her eyes to resemble the same as those belonging to cats is what inspired the 24-year-old to have this thread procedure done.

Gigi Hadid

6. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is Bella Hadid’s younger sister who underwent a thread lift performed on her face with her reasoning that it was the least invasive aesthetic procedure she could undergo. Like Bella, Gigi is also into acting and modeling and is also one of the ladies representing the Victoria’s Secret clothing line.

Emily Ratajkowski

5. Emily Ratajkowski

American model, Emily Ratajkowski, has yet to come forward she had an actual thread lift done, but the shape of cat eyes doesn’t come naturally. A cosmetic procedure of some kind has been done and the thread lift procedure would be the most likely candidate to achieve this result. Ratajkowski’s fame began after appearing in erotic magazine publications in 2012. This launched her career into a more public spotlight. Cosmetologists and makeup artists who know their stuff are collectively pointing the finger that Emily Ratajkowski is among the growing list of celebrities who are going after the cat-eye look and using the thread lift procedure to do it.

Sarah Ferguson

4. Sarah Ferguson

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, admitted she personally favors thread lift treatment as a preferred method of injectable face remedies than any other method. In addition to receiving a thread lift procedure, she has had a number of different cosmetic surgeries and treatments. While it’s not something she admitted she’s done directly, Aptos a site that does thread lifts, took note of it, using it as an opportunity to promote their product. It was an observation they made after the public announcement of her first grandchild in 2020.

Eva Mendes

3. Eva Mendes

Taking advantage of the downtime the COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth, at 45-years-old, Eva Mendes, opted to undergo a mono thread lift procedure. In 1997, Eva Mendes was first seen in front of the camera when Aerosmith shot a music video for their single, Hole in My Soul. She then appeared in a number of movies and television, as well as a couple more music videos. In November 2020, the buzz about the thread lift Eva Mendes had done became one of the topics to talk about among her fans, regardless if they approved of the procedure or not.

Kim Kardashian

2. Kim Kardashian

There isn’t much of anything Kim Kardashian can do that won’t garner her media attention. No matter what it is, nor what she does, people who pay attention to celebrities are going to know about it. Kardashian is among one the celebrities who has gone through the procedure of a thread lift. Rumor has it she was among the first Hollywood celebrities to have this procedure done.

Gwyneth Paltrow

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Since having the procedure herself in 2015, Gwyneth Paltrow has been endorsing the cosmetic procedure of thread lifting as it has apparently done her wonders. Whenever looking into the subject of thread lifts, Paltrow’s name is among the top mentioned celebrities that come to mind. Even when searching more about threat lifts, the name of Gwyneth Paltrow is likely to show up at the top of the listed results as clinics vie to use her name as a marketing tool to win over clients. It also shows at the top among practitioners and concerned citizens that question the procedure, especially since there is a series of risks involved with it, plus a rising number of horror stories that put doubts in the credibility behind Paltrow’s testimony, as well as her online magazine, Goop.

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