The 20 Biggest Celebrities with Onlyfans Accounts

Blac Chyna

By now, everyone knows what OnlyFans is. Since launching in 2016 as a hub for adult performers, it’s provided a valuable means of income and exposure to a huge number of up-and-coming models and actors. In the last couple of years, it’s also become a huge draw for celebrities looking to add a few more zeros to their bank accounts with their raunchy pictures. During the pandemic, the number of celebs on the site shot up dramatically as they sought out new means of promoting themselves and their products. Here’s 20 of the biggest celebrity with OnlyFans accounts.

Dj Khaled and Fat Joe

20. Dj Khaled and Fat Joe

Dj Khaled and Fat Joe joined OnlyFans in January 2021 after deciding to guide fans to ‘the light’ with their uplifting messages. “We’ll be sharing content that’s not anywhere else….it’s the light,” Khaled said in a statement at the time. “We also wanted to create a community that’s full of positivity and hypes each other up! We want to get to know our actual fans,” Fat Joe added. Most of the content comes from DJ Khaled, with Fat Joe popping up for the occasional cameo. It’s very wholesome, very fun, and the exact opposite of what most people think OnlyFans is about.

Chris Brown

19. Chris Brown

Chris Brown joined OnlyFans in November 2020. The reviews from fans have been mixed, with Brown teasing risqué content but so far failing to deliver the goods. He’s still active on the site, but his posts have been sporadic and surprisingly tame.

Rubi Rose

18. Rubi Rose

Within two days of starting her OnlyFans account in June 2020, rapper and model Rubi Rose was boasting of making a massive $22,000 on her first day, and $100,000 by the end of the second, making her one of the top one percent of earners on the site. Most of the content is pretty similar to what she posts (for free) on her Instagram page, leading some fans to question whether the $14.99 subscription fee is worth it. Worth it or not, they haven’t stopped signing up, and Rose now boasts over 8000 subscribers.

Trey Songz

17. Trey Songz

When Trey Songz hopped aboard OnlyFans in December 2020, he kept the announcement pretty muted, simply adding a shirtless snap of himself to his Instagram stories with a swipe-up option that led to his OnlyFans page. But if anyone missed the memo the first time around, they couldn’t avoid it the following February, when a leaked sex tape allegedly featuring the singer took the internet by storm. Although he’s kept his lips sealed over whether it was really him in the video or not, he didn’t miss the opportunity to use it to promote his OnlyFans page, which now boasts over 130 posts with 25,000 likes. To access the exclusive content, subscribers will need to part with $20 per month.

Bretman Rock

16. Bretman Rock

YouTube star and makeup guru Bretman Rock started his OnlyFans because he got tired of Instagram deleting his nude pics. “I’m taking all these nudes, for what? For no one to see?” he wrote on Instagram stories, adding ” And you know Instagram is going to delete them so I’m gonna make a free OnlyFans. Actually, I’m gonna do it right now.” He followed it up with the tweet: “I feel like making a free OnlyFans….. I’m tired of taking nudes and no one seeing them”. True to his word, all of his content is free, while any tips he receives from followers are donated to charity… “unless it’s the right kinda tip.”

Daniel Newman

15. Daniel Newman

Actor, model and musician Daniel Newman is best known for his work on the “Twilight” film soundtrack and the TV shows, “The Walking Dead,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Homeland,” “Sex and the City,” and “Cirque du Freak.” If you’ve ever wanted to get a sneak peek behind the camera, you can via his OnlyFans page. He began his account in December 2020, initially as a free service but later with a $4.99 subscription fee. The content is mainly PG-rated, but he’s hinted he’ll send more NSFW content to anyone who tips him via a DM.

Gravity Balmain

14. Gravity Balmain

After much teasing, member of the House of Balmain and HBO Max Legendary star Gravity Balmain kicked off 2021 with the launch of his hotly anticipated OnlyFans account. Unlike a lot of other celeb creators, he promised to deliver “full nudity, actual premium content, not just reposted Instagram and Twitter posts.” The NSFW content is hidden away behind a $20 paywall and a bio page that reads “Posts are going to be more explicit and unfiltered than I currently post on any other platform.”

Shea Couleé

13. Shea Couleé

Back in July 2020, Drag Race Hall of Famer Shea Couleé announced she’d launched her OnlyFans page. “I’m so excited to be joining the @OnlyFans community!” she tweeted. “Make sure you go and follow me to get all the exclusive behind-the-scenes content, photoshoots, videos, and LIVE makeup tutorials!” Initially, the content was free, but it’s now available with a subscription fee of $4.99 per month. Unlike much of the content on the platform, Couleé keeps her posts strictly PG-rated.

Plastique Tiara

12. Plastique Tiara

2020 saw a number of Drag Race alum join OnlyFans, with Plastique Tiara being one of the most hotly anticipated. Speaking about her decision to hop on board, she revealed: “We live in a world of prejudice and discrimination, where we have to confine ourselves to a projected idea from society to be accepted. I’ve decided to join OnlyFans because it’s a safe space for people of different colors, sexualities, shapes, and sizes to show the world that we are indeed proud and powerful.”

Tyler Posey

11. Tyler Posey

In September 2020, Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey announced his decision to join OnlyFans with a nude ad on Instagram. But anyone hoping to see more shirtless selfies by paying the $14.99 subscription fee for his OnlyFans page is out of luck – for Posey, OnlyFans isn’t about bodies, it’s about minds.”I noticed many of my fans commenting on my Instagram photos saying that I should join OnlyFans,” Tyler said in an official statement at the launch of his account. “I saw it as a really cool opportunity to get even closer with my fans and be more real with them. I get to talk about things on OnlyFans that I maybe wouldn’t get to otherwise and connect with more people like me. I want to accomplish creating unique content and collaborating with my friends to bring a fun experience to my fans.”

Austin Mahone

10. Austin Mahone

24-year-old singer Austin Mahone may have risen to fame performing covers of hit songs on YouTube, but these days, you’re more likely to catch him on OnlyFans than you are on YouTube. “I feel like I’ve reached an age and a point in my career where I’m ready to mix it up and be more open with my fans, and OnlyFans gives me a platform to do so without any limitations,” he said after announcing the launch of his page in October 2020. “I’m excited to show my fans a different side of me than they may be used to seeing on my other social media accounts.”

Tana Mongeau

9. Tana Mongeau

Pansexual social media star Tana Mongeau launched her OnlyFans account back in May 2020, and has described it as “the only place [she’s] allowed to be naked and crazy.” Her page is free to subscribe to, but if you feel like meeting the “uncensored” Tana, a $200 tip to join her VIP club should do it.

Aaron Carter

8. Aaron Carter

The late Aaron Carter had been hitting the headlines for all kinds of reasons in the last few years, and his OnlyFans page has proved no less controversial than anything else he does. After launching his account back in March 2020, he drew criticism for the poor quality of the pay-per-view content and the huge amounts of money he charged viewers to see it- in some cases, users were asked to pay a stonking $125 per post. But apparently, he’s never been in it for the money. “I love just fans,” he’s told “For more than a year, I have been an OnlyFans model, and people are very uplifting.”I like [OnlyFans] more than anyone else’s social media platform,” he added “This isn’t the money. The fans are it.”


7. Tyga

Rapper Tyga is one of OnlyFans’ most well-known and prolific creators, even launching a lifestyle and entertainment brand called Too Raww off the back of his success on the site. According to, the brand is designed to help Only Fans models find their voice on the platform as well as helping managers learn more about work within the world of Only Fans. His mixture of paid and free content is said to have cashed in a massive $6 million in just a year.

Bella Thorne

6. Bella Thorne

According to, former Disney star Bella Thorne became the first person to earn $1 million in the first 24 hours of joining the platform. Her route to the millions didn’t come without some controversy, though – after it was discovered she was charging her subscribers $200 to view her pictures, OnlyFans were forced to change their policy on pay-per-view pricing to protect the smaller content creators and sex workers with smaller audiences.

Jordyn Woods

5. Jordyn Woods

Kylie Jenner’s ex-BFF Jordyn Woods joined OnlyFans in October 2020. “[I’m] not coming on there to take away from anything that [sex workers or anyone on the platform] already built,” she told Complex about the move. “I just felt like the bigger picture is that it can be a space for people to be on there, to not be judged, and to be authentic to ourselves.” “We’re creating art on here; we’re not posting just random selfies,” she added. “There’s going to be really edgy, iconic photos of me on there, and it felt like OnlyFans was the right platform to launch this project because it’s completely different than anything that I’ve ever done.” Although her content is free, she’s said to be making a killing in tips, with one close-up of her face earning over $250.

Bhad Barbie

4. Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie first came to fame after an appearance on Dr. Phil in September 2016. During the show, she uttered the phrase “Cash me outside, how bout dat?”, which soon went viral and took her with it. A year later, she became the youngest rapper in history to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 with her debut single, “The Heaux.” Since then, she’s expanded her brand to include a reality show, a makeup brand, and, as of April 2021, an OnlyFans account. She launched her page within one week of her 18th birthday; within just six hours of going live, she’d made an alleged $1 million and within a month, each of her posts had generated between 8000 and 20000 likes. All of her content is hidden behind a payroll, with subscriptions to view the content set at $24.99 per month.

Amber Rose

3. Amber Rose

Amber Rose joined OnlyFans in September 2020. Speaking to Complex, she revealed that her previous career as a striptease performer has made her comfortable with the idea of baring all for her subscribers. “I’m really excited about my OnlyFans,” she said. “You know, I was a stripper for a long time. And I feel like, it’s like a digital strip club. It’s just fun for me. I feel like I’m going back to my roots.” For $5 a month, subscribers can access her content, which mainly features NSFW photos and videos.

Cardi B

2. Cardi B

Rapper Cardi B’s first taste of fame came as an internet celebrity via Vine and Instagram, so it’s not too surprising she was among the first round of celebs that hopped on board the only OnlyFans bandwagon. Despite only posting sporadically and making it clear from the start that she’d only be using the site for behind-the-scenes exclusives, rather than adult material, she’s become one of OnlyFans’ highest earners. According to The Sun, she cashes in around $9.4 million a month from her 81 million subscribers.

Blac Chyna

1. Blac Chyna

As LA Weekly says, OnlyFans’ famous users don’t come any more famous than makeup mogul and reality TV star Blac Chyna, who’s been making the most of her online presence ever since she joined the site in April 2020. For $19.99 a month, subscribers get exclusive access to risque NSFW photos and fetish videos like “Foot Freaks Monday”. So far, she’s amassed 143 posts and 13.2K likes on her account, and is said to make around $20 million per month for her racy content.

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