10 Surprising Facts about Tamra Judge

tamra judge

Many people know her as one of the longest-standing housewives in the franchise. Tamra Judge, formerly Tamra Barney, is one of the longest-starring real housewives in the Orange County franchise, which is the original franchise. But just because we’ve been watching Tamra on television for what seems like most of our lives, that does not mean we know everything there is to know about the reality star. In fact, there are a few shocking bits of information that might just surprise you to learn about the self-proclaimed hottest housewife in Orange County.

She’s Only Been Part of the Cast Since Season 3

Many people believe that she’s been a part of the reality series since day one, but she was the new girl in season three. She seems to have made herself a fixture on the series, however, since most people consider her to be one of the original housewives. Her loud and outspoken demeanor makes it difficult for people not to notice her, though.

Net Worth

Thanks to her time working as a real estate agent and her ownership in a Gym with her current husband, Tamra Judge has a net worth of around $800 thousand. The word is that she is paid $350,000 per season to star on the Real Housewives, and that the rest of her net worth comes from her business ownership and other investments.

She’s a Grandmother

She is not the first of the OC housewives to become a grandmother, but she’s definitely a grandmother. Her oldest son, who is 28-years-old, is a father with his new bride. It was a bit of a shock to Judge last year when her son announced that he was getting married and that he was having a baby with a woman Judge had not really known beforehand, and she did not take it well.

She has Four Kids

It’s not really known by many people who don’t watch the show from the beginning that Judge does have four kids. Ryan his her oldest, but she also has three younger children who do not appear on the show since her ex-husband forbid them from doing so. The kids were part of the show many years ago when she was Tamra Barney and she was still married to her husband.

She’s a California Girl

She’s not just a California housewife. She’s been in the state her entire life, as she was born and raised here. She’s been in the area for much of her life, and that’s what makes her so familiar with it and that’s why she did succeed as a realtor when she was in the business. Though she did quit her job when she became part of the cast of this show, picking up a bit of work here and there as a realtor in between her stints as a wife two times during the show.

She Doesn’t have Custody of her Daughter

It was recently announced that after a long custody battle, her 16-year-old daughter is in the full custody of her father. What this means for Judge is that she has visitation with her daughter every other weekend and that she can see her for three hours a week in the evenings and any other time her daughter chooses. The press says that she’s a terrible mother, but Judge says that her daughter does not want to be part of the show and that she made this decision on her own.


With a birth date of September 2, 1967, she’s 47. For many years it was unknown just how old she is since she likes to keep that to herself. If there is one thing that makes Judge nervous, it’s the thought of aging, so she makes sure she works out, eats right and takes care of herself. She’s not interested in looking old, or like a grandmother, and she’s managed to keep herself looking good throughout the years. Being open about her age is not something she’s comfortable with, but we’d say she’s not doing too shabby for someone of her age as far as her looks are concerned. She’s taken care of her body, and she does admit to having some work done.

She Was a Realtor

Before her time as a housewife, she worked as a realtor in Orange County. It’s how she contributed to the family’s finances as her husband at the time was a sales consultant for an automotive group. The family appeared to be quite comfortable in their home and with their belongings, but there was speculation that she was facing exceptional financial difficulties at one point. Her business was good enough to keep her family content and happy in their Southern California lifestyle, but giving it up was something she wanted to do.

She Owns a Gym

Since she’s married her new husband, a younger man by the name of Eddie Judge, she’s opened up a fitness location called CUT Fitness. She and her husband run the gym together, but there is rumor that the couple is facing troubles with all the togetherness that they face running a business together. Right now they are not in the midst of a separation or a divorce or anything of that nature, but it appears that the newest season of the reality show will portray the couple as going through some issues thanks to their constant togetherness.

She’s been Married 3 Times

Eddie Judge is not her second husband, he is her third. She was married to two men before him, and one of them was a long time ago. She admits that when she was growing up with her first husband, he was not good to her, but that she does appreciate getting her son out of the deal. He’s the only person that has been in her life regularly since becoming an adult and she is very appreciative of him. Though it does appear that she sometimes treats him more like a friend than a child and that might explain some of his questionable decisions.

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