10 Talents You Didn’t Know Chris Pratt Had

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is a man of many talents – literally. When we first got to know him, it was as a lovable man who was a little bit of a goofball and the husband of Anna Faris. Now he is so much more. He’s gotten into shape, played some seriously cool superheroes in the movies and he’s made his debut as a major movie star. However, he’s so much more. He is one of those very naturally likable people you just cannot find anything wrong with. He’s funny, he’s smart, he seems to be a very good dad to his little one, and he is also a great actor. He has it all going on, and it seems as if he is someone who will go so much further in life than he ever thought possible.

Chris Pratt is someone who continues to amaze us with his sheer talent. Every single time we turn around he is acting in another movie role that is amazing. He is doing something wonderful, such as telling the world how much he loves his wife or how much he loves his children. He’s playing the piano. He’s rapping famous songs. He’s singing, drawing, dancing, playing sports and wowing us with his humor. He’s seriously talented. If you did not already know that he’s a talented guy, you’re going to flip when you see just how talented he really is.


He’s an Amazing Rapper

When Chris Pratt broke out with a rap to Eminem’s and Dr. Dre’s “Forgot about Dre,” a song we all know and love, he became an instant sensation. He’s got serious talent, too, as he shows off in this video. I have to warn you that there is a few choice words in this video. But, you already know that because you know this iconic rap.


He’s an Excellent Braider

When he admitted that he often braids his wife Anna Farris’ hair, the world was stunned. Some news outlets even asked him to do it to their interns, and he proved he is a talented guy. In fact, he not only braids, he can French braid, which is something that not even my mother can do (something I was quite bitter about growing up). It’s not an easy job, but he likes to braid his wife’s hair for her, and that’s a talent that not many men have.

He Can Sing

We’ve seen him sing about a million times now, but this is one of our favorites. It’s fun because of the entire concept of this video, which makes us love him even more than we already did. And that doesn’t seem entirely possible, does it? We think he’s a pretty talented guy. Tell us that this is not a man who can sing and we will tell you that you need to have your ears checked. He might not be the most amazing singer in the world, but he’s good and that’s something that most of us cannot say.

He’s a Talented Pianist

There seems to be approximately nothing that Chris Pratt is unable to do, and his piano skills are not even his most impressive. Let’s just all stand up and give this man a round of applause considering he is clearly one of the most talented men around.

chris pratt drawing posted to Twitter

He is an Amazing Cartoonist 

Chris Pratt can draw. He posted this photo last year to his Twitter account and told fans that growing up he always liked to draw and spent a great deal of time doing that. He’s very good at it, and we are quite impressed with his skill and with his actions. He’s clearly someone who knows what he is doing.

chris pratt is a giver

He’s a Giver

There is not many people in the world who can boast that they give back without complaint, but Chris Pratt is one of them. After the actor lost a bet with a friend over the outcome of the Super Bowl, he dressed as Star Lord – his friend’s costume from a rival movie. He then went to the Christopher’s Haven pediatric cancer treatment center in Boston and played with the kids dressed as a superhero. That’s a cool talent to have.

chris pratt is class clown

He’s a Clown 

Okay, he is actually much better than a clown. Clowns are beyond creepy, and Chris Pratt is not of the creepy variety. He is a class clown; voted so in high school. He has always been a funny guy, and that’s a pretty big talent. You see, most funny people were annoying, shy or not funny at all when they were younger and he’s just been funny all over the place his entire life.

Chris Pratt

He Can Dance

If by dance you mean take off his clothes and work as a stripper. That’s right; there was a time in which Chris Pratt was actually a stripper for a living, and he did not hate the job. He did it for a while when he was looking to make his way in the world. Thankfully, it did not work out for him. And no, I did not even try to find a photo of him in his stripper days.

Chris Pratt

He Can Model 

Did you know that Chris Pratt can model? Well, he can. He is good at it, too, and he shows off his first set of head shots from time to time to prove it. He is a man who has done everything possible to make sure that he is able to get as far as he has in his career, and he is actually really good at many things that he does.

Chris Pratt

He’s a Great MC 

When he was in high school, Chris Pratt often played the role of emcee for many of the events they put on at school. He was quite good at it, and he loved what he did. He was a natural in front of a crowd, and it seems that this is a skill and a talent that has not left him over the years.

Photo Credit – Getty Images, YouTube 


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