10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky

She was a fan favorite when she was the Bachelorette, and people love her even though her on television romance did not work out for Ali Fedotowsky. She’s down-to-earth, stylish and adorable, and she loves to have a good time. She stole our hearts and she has been doing the same thing to everyone she encounters since day one. She’s lively and bubbly, friendly and outgoing and she is a dream come true to so many people who get to call her their friend. Things might not have worked out between her and Roberto, but she has finally found the love she’s been looking for her entire life and now she is expecting her first baby. Her life is headed in the direction she always imagined it would head, and now she is living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment. It makes us want to get to know her just a little bit better.

Ali is just a nickname

Most people assume that Ali Fedotowsky is short for Allison (or some version of that spelling), but it’s not. Her name is actually Alexandra, and she goes by Ali. Rather than going by Alex or Lexi or something of that nature, she simply preferred Ali.

She began college at 16

She is a smart woman. She began taking college courses when she was only 16. She knew that she wanted to get her life going and start her career as soon as possible, so she did. She became a college student the moment they would allow her to become one, and it really worked out well for her in the long run. Her classes were standard and she was good at it; going to high school and college at the same time.

She’s worn glasses since she was 2

It’s not because she had bad vision, either. She had a lazy eye. Her parents took her to see an optometrist who prescribed her a pair of glasses. It’s not easy getting a child this young to wear glasses, but it works. She had to wear them until she was in the 7th grade and her vision and eyes corrected themselves without further assistance. It happens to many kids that they need glasses for a long time and then their eyes correct themselves. We wonder if she will pass on that gene to her little baby when he or she is born this year?

She never drives automatic vehicles

I like this about her. I love a car with a manual transmission and actually drove one up until I had to buy an SUV when I had kids. She prefers a manual and she will not date a man who cannot drive one. She’s not saying he has to drive one, just that she prefers he has the ability. I’m with her on this one; it should be a requirement for anyone learning to drive to be able to drive a stick.

Dry ramen noodles are her thing

Sometimes people have kind of strange habits, and there is nothing wrong with that. Ali Fedotowsky likes to eat ramen noodles right out of the package. She does not need them cooked for her. She is perfectly fine with them the way that they are.

She doesn’t have style

Don’t get her wrong; she thought she had style. She used to think she was one stylish woman, and then she came to Hollywood. When she became a famous reality star, she realized very quickly that her own idea of fashion and style was not anywhere even remotely close to where it needed to be for her to be a Hollywood type. She knows it, though, and that’s something.

She likes it hot

Really, really hot; when Ali Fedotowsky sleeps at night, she likes the temperature in her bedroom at least 80 degrees. What that means is that she and I could never share a room – ever. I like the temp in our master suite to be at or below 70 degrees. When I was pregnant, it needed to be even lower than that. Thank goodness for individual air controllers in every room of our house or our kids would become icicles at night.

She loves pickles

Some people have an idea of what the main food groups are. Some people think that they know. Ali Fedotowsky has an idea of her own. It might not be the one that all the health organizations think that it is, but there’s really nothing that wrong with pickles. I mean, I don’t care for them, but they’re not really all that unhealthy, are they? In her life, they’re an actual food group and should be eaten at every meal, every day for everything.

She loves poker

Some people have skill and some people do not. I have no idea if Ali Fedotowsky has any skill when it comes to her poker playing, but she loves it. She could be terrible for all we know, but she could also be the best poker player in the world. We don’t know because we’ve never seen her poker face. If she could just make like Lady Gaga for a second, perhaps we might have a better idea.

She loves her bikini body pregnant

She and her fiancé, Kevin Manno, are expecting their first baby sometime this year. Now that she is pregnant, she and her man went to Hawaii on vacation for a few days in February. The two were spotted walking along the beaches of Kauai enjoying the beautiful weather. She was in a bikini and she told reporters that she really does love her body more now than ever before. Being pregnant makes her feel good about her body, it makes her feel womanly and it makes her feel very sexy. Not going to lie – I always felt the same way when I was pregnant in a two piece (except toward the end with the twins when I literally could not breathe and didn’t have the ability to feel anything but the desire to inhale and exhale).

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