Predicting What Nicki Minaj Will Wear For Halloween Next Year

Nicki Minaj

For Nicki Minaj, everyday is Halloween. The superstar singer has been known to dress up for everything from a casual Tuesday morning at home drinking her coffee by the pool to a guest appearance on a talk show with a famous talk show host. There is nothing that does not bother the songstress, as is evidenced by the fact that she is willing to wear whatever it takes to garner a little attention from her fans – and those who are not really fans of the rapper. However, she’s not one to care. We think that Nicki Minaj, if nothing else, is perfectly happy to be herself whenever she sees fit.

She’s given up some of her outlandish daily costumes since hitting it really big, but we would not be surprised to see her bring them back on Halloween next year. While we probably will not see her dressed as Bill Cosby – after reading incessantly about her feelings on that particular costume this year – we do believe that she’s someone we might actually see in a few other costumes that the rest of the world might view as a little inappropriate – but if anyone can pull them off, it’s Nicki Minaj. So, what do we think she might be for Halloween next year? We have no idea, but we’d really like to share with her our suggestions.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj do not get along. Perhaps you saw the two of them when they sat alongside one another as judges on the American Idol panel a few years ago. It was obvious then that these two are not friends, and it doesn’t seem like it’s a situation that is getting any better. Unfortunately for these two, the dislike runs deep. For whatever reason, they’ve taken a dislike to one another (I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they are both heavily rumored divas who want things their way right now). We think it would be hilarious to see Nicki Minaj dress as Mariah Carey and show off her ability to forgive and forget. Or to exploit her to her best ability; since that seems to be the more reasonable choice for these two.

A Nude Portrait

Let’s all just take a moment to consider this one; Nicki Minaj would make a wonderful nude portrait. How do I know this? I know this because she is almost always nude. The woman wears as few articles of clothing as possible as often as possible, and that speaks for itself. It might not be much of a stretch to see her dress as a nude portrait, but it would be a lot of fun to see it – and I’m sure no men will argue with that one. While we think she could artfully cover herself up about as much as she does on a regular basis, she might choose to go all out and fully nude with some body paint or something. We aren’t sure; nothing is off limits for her it seems.


Is the world ready to see Barbie as she might actually be in real life? I know that her size and proportions would not work on a real, life-size woman but if anyone comes close, it would be Nicki Minaj, right? My mathematical skills are not strong, but is she not a woman with a  huge bottom, a large chest and a tiny waist? Does that not equate to Barbie the real woman? It seems like it might be the most amazing costume that ever existed for this particular star, and we really think this is the one she could consider. We’ve seen her in pink lipstick before, and she can totally pull it off without any problems. We just know it.

Ellen DeGeneres

Nicki Minaj owes Ellen. After all, it was her appearance on the famous talk show host’s show a few years ago wearing nothing but a black piece of leather she had to keep pulling over her breasts to keep them from being exposed to the entire nation on television that inspired the costume DeGeneres wore only a few weeks later on her show for Halloween. Nicki Minaj owes it to Ellen to don a pant suit and some tennis shoes, a short blonde wig and a microphone to show off her talk show host skills. In fact, we actually think that Ellen should invite Nicki Minaj onto her show so that she can be Minaj once again and they can reverse roles for an hour and see how that would go. It might be the greatest moment on television for both of them.

Sofia Grace (or Rosie)

Once again, we owe Ellen DeGeneres for this one. When she saw the two pint-sized superstars performing a Nicki Minaj song on YouTube a few years back, she invited the two girls all the way from the United Kingdom to her show to perform and then to meet Nicki Minaj. The duo was adorable, and they just love the rapper, and she seems to have a fondness for the two little girls, as well. We’d love to see her dress up as one (or both) of the pint-sized duo and perform as them as her on Ellen’s show. That would be something that is more amazing than just about anything we’ve ever seen before.

Michelle Obama

It would require her wearing a modest outfit, but we think she could do it. Why not show up as the first lady when you are the one woman in the world who is the polar opposite of her in the first place? Isn’t that what Halloween is all about? Doing something out of the ordinary and out of the comfort zone in which you normally find yourself? Perhaps we could get Lil Wayne in on this one to dress as POTUS while we’re at it; just to make it as interesting as much fun as possible. Actually, this might be the best one yet.

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