10 Things You Didn’t Know about Morgan Macgregor

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If you’ve never heard the name Morgan Macgregor, it’s not really that much of a surprise. She’s not all that famous, and she’s not someone you see in tabloids all the time. She is, however, the brand new wife of famous actor Michael C. Hall. The two have been together for a very long time, and they surprised their fans over the weekend with a very hush-hush, very secretive wedding that did not allow for much media speculation or even any knowledge at all until just now. It came as a shock to most everyone, and now the world is clamoring to know more about the woman who stole the heart of the man they know as Dexter. Who is she and what is she like?

There are some who believe she looks a bit like actresses Julia Stiles, which is a bit significant considering there was once a rumor that Stiles is the reason that Michael C. Hall and his second ex-wife’s marriage did not work out. We don’t know if that is factor fiction, but we do know she was on the show for a while and there were some rumors that perhaps there was more going on there than meets the eye. Of course, his ex-wife was also a co-star on the show so it seems that would be a bit difficult to manage. Your wife and alleged girlfriend on set with you at the same time? It doesn’t play well with us, but there is a rumor that his new wife does resemble Stiles a bit. What else can we find out about the newest Mrs. Michael C. Hall?

 She’s not a wedding dreamer

We think that perhaps Morgan Macgregor is not that much of a girly girl in that these two got married at City Hall with approximately zero fuss. Many women want the pomp and circumstance that comes along with getting married in a formal ceremony, but she was fine just heading down to the courthouse to handle her wedding business during lunch hour.

She’s a book worm

We love a book worm; reading is amazing. She is someone who likes to spend her time with books, and that’s what she does for a living. She is a Los Angeles book reviewer who reads, offers her opinion and makes sure that the world knows when a book is a good one and when it is anything but.

She’s a third wife

We have no idea if she’s been married before, but we know that she is Michael C. Hall’s third wife. They’ve been dating since 2012 (possibly earlier than that). He was divorced from his second wife in 2011 after only three years of marriage. Apparently, marriage is not his strong suit, but they do say that the third time is a charm, after all.

She’s a writer

We don’t know of anything, other than book reviews, that she’s written. However, Morgan Macgregor’s bio with bookriot.com states that she is a writer as well as a reviewer of books, which makes her pretty cool. It sounds like a dream job to have. She is also working on a novel of her own. Sadly, we have no idea what it is about, what it might entail, if she’s close to completing it or if she’s even started it or only said that so that she might force herself to actually start it.

Beetlejuice is her favorite movie

She likes to tell people that she enjoys more serious and more amazing movies and films more than any other, but at the end of the day this is her favorite movie. Of course, it’s hilarious and stars three of the biggest actors and actresses in Hollywood, so what’s not to love about every second of it? It’s mindless fun, and we all love a little mindless fun.

She dreams of opening a bookstore

Maybe not that she’s married to a major celebrity, she can. However, her dream is to open a bookstore that is called “Dead or Alive,” which we assume means she will sell both new books written by living authors as well as old books by those long since passed.

She loves a latte

Who doesn’t? Lattes are the best, and we all love them. Our only question to her is where she likes to get them? There are some who love the Starbucks version more than any, and there are apparently these other places that also sell coffee and lattes, but we are unfamiliar with them being Starbucks lovers ourselves. Where does Morgan Macgregor like to get her lattes? Does she love Starbucks, too?

She loves a good mystery and dark story

Her favorite book is one called “The Secret History,” which is about a man who reflects upon the murder of his old friends in college. It’s a dark and twisted plot, but the book is a very good one. In fact, it’s the kind of book that might make a wonderful movie at some point. Perhaps she could write the screenplay as she loves to write, and her new husband could be the leading actor.

She likes murderers

Let’s face it; Morgan Macgregor’s favorite book is about a murderer and her husband plays one at work. It’s kind of an interesting concept, if you think about it. Does she love her husband because he is a dark and mysterious character, or does she love him for who he is? Even better, is he perhaps a dark and twisty real life kind of guy, or is he the nice guy he comes across as being when he’s in public? I mean, we can’t really speculate, but what a fun movie plot that would be, right?

She’s Canadian

With a name like Macgregor, we can only assume that her family might have traveled at some point from Scotland to Canada and the US, but we don’t know that for certain. What we do know is that she is from Canada and that she’s been in the states for a long time.

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