10 Things You Didn’t Know about Annabelle Neilson

Ladies of London's Annabelle Neilson

As one of the original cast members of Bravo’s Ladies of London, Annabelle Neilson is on her way to becoming an A-List reality TV star. The show, which focuses on a group of women living in London, puts a classy spin on a classic reality TV formula. Although these ladies a part of high society, that doesn’t stop them from keeping it real and putting each other in check when necessary. Reality TV may be full of lots of craziness and situations that seem almost unreal, but when it comes to drama, Annabelle Neilson and the Ladies of London have found a way to handle it with a touch of class.  Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Annabelle Neilson.

She has a reputation for being a ‘wild child’

When you think of high-class British women, you probably imagine them as being conservative, but that isn’t the case when it comes to Annabelle Neilson. For years, Annabelle Neilson has been well-known in party scenes all over the world. Throughout her life, she partied in some of the most exciting places with plenty of A-List celebrities. But it looks like her love of excitement doesn’t just stop at the club. Neilson also appeared in a film advertising men’s clothing – which required her to be naked during her scenes.

She was Alexander McQueen’s muse

Alexander McQueen is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Before his death, he had built a reputation and a brand that will likely live on forever, and Annabelle Neilson was one of his greatest sources of inspiration. The two were best friends for years, and were often seen together. After his death, Neilson wrote a piece about McQueen in Harper’s Bizarre stating, “That phone call was the single lowest moment of my life. Lee promised me he would never do what Isabella [Blow] had done. ……. He gave me his wallet two days before, explaining he wanted a new one. He gave me a picture of himself with his dog, and he gave me all these other things, even though I said I didn’t want them. He wrote some letters; he wrote of his dogs. I wonder now if things would have been different if I hadn’t left that night, but a part of me knows that there is nothing anyone could have done to change anything. Lee made the choice he wanted.”

She was married

Although her extreme love of freedom and excitement may not make her look like the marrying type, Annabelle Neilson was once married to well-known finance, Nathaniel Rothschild. After dating for six years, the couple eloped in 1995. Unfortunately, their marriage only lasted for two short years.

…But she isn’t allowed to discuss her relationship – ever

With an estimated wealth of $1 billion, it should come as no surprise that Annabelle Neilson and Nathaniel Rothschild’s divorce was a big deal. According to reports, when the couple decided to call it off – they signed an agreement which required Annabelle to go back to using her maiden name, and also required that she never speak about their relationship. Unfortunately for the fans of Ladies of London, there will never be any juicy stories about the Rothschild family.

She was well-known before the show

Even before joining the cast of Ladies of London, Annabelle Rothschild was well-known in British social circles. Born into a wealthy family, her father, Max Neilson was a property adviser, and her mother, Elizabeth Neilson, an interior designer. Growing up in West London and Oxfordshire, Neilson gained a reputation for being a socialite.

She is an author

Annabelle Neilson is the author of a children’s book series titled, The Me Me Me’s. The books are made to help children work through their emotions, and each book takes on a different feeling. According to Neilson, “I hope kids get a great story and have fun. There’s a way of communicating, that as we grow older, we push further and further down.”

She is dyslexic 

For Annabelle Neilson, writing is a passion that is especially close. Suffering from dyslexia, Neilson spent a lot of her childhood using her imagination and coming up with her own stories instead of reading books. According to Neilson, “But I’m really good at creating characters. I spent a lot of my early childhood in my dreams.”

She was in a terrible horseback riding accident

Last summer, Annabelle Neilson was riding her horse during a charity event when she was involved in an accident that sent her flying 45 MPH off of her horse. The accident left Neilson hospitalized and unable to walk for a month. However, she didn’t let the accident discourage her, and in true Annabelle fashion, she didn’t stay down for long.

She has lots of famous friends

Let’s be real, most reality TV stars are just random people – and they don’t actually have any ties to the high life. But for Annabelle Neilson, being surrounded by celebrities is something that she’s very familiar with. Aside from Alexander McQueen, Neilson is friends with people like Naomi Campbell, Richard Branson, and Kate Moss.

She loves staying active

Aside from getting wild on the night life scene, Annabelle Neilson also enjoys staying active. She has been known to fly helicopters, swim with sharks, and ride motorcycles – across Australia.


image via https://twitter.com/Bravotv

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