10 Things Ramona Singer Doesn’t Want You To Know

Ramona Singer

She’s a real housewife with some real problems, and Ramona Singer is not one to keep them all bottled up. She loves her pinot grigio and she used to love her husband, but when she found out he was in a relationship with a much younger woman, she decided to move on. Ramona Singer, the woman who will discuss any and everything, was not ready right away to discuss this aspect of her personal life. However, this season of the RHONY makes up for last season’s silence. She’s happy to talk about her ex and all that he did to do her wrong; and she wants everyone to hear what she has to say. Ramona Singer is a woman with an outlet, and she’s not afraid to use it. However, there are still a few things she does not want anyone to know.

She wants Mario Back

It seems that Ramona Singer is the kind of woman who might want to save face in front of her fans, but she’s not able to say the same thing about her marriage. There are rumors that she’s been calling Mario late at night and asking him to come back to the family and work on their relationship. However, he is reportedly done with his wife and not at all interested in a reconcilement.

She Thinks her Ex’s Cheating was a Phase

I’ve had four kids, and it’s my baby (by five minutes) boy that is going through a phase right now. He’s biting. He’s bitten me twice in the past few weeks. It’s an ugly phase. But Ramona Singer believes that her grown husband is going through a cheating phase, as if this is something that you go through in life and then you move on and forward from it. It’s a phase, in her opinion. It’s poor judgment in ours.

She was One of Several

Ramona Singer might have been the only woman married to Mario, but she is shocked to learn that she is actually one of several women with whom her husband was in a relationship. The world knows that he had an affair, but she is not keen on everyone knowing that he had multiple affairs over the years throughout the course of their marriage, and she’s trying to keep that to herself. Apparently one is better than many.

Finances are Tight

Ramona Singer has always lived a bit of a high-class life, but her divorce is costing her. She’s already been forced to sell her Hamptons home as part of her divorce proceedings, and now it looks as if she might be considering her Manhattan apartment, too. She probably wants to stay there since it’s been her home for so long, but the divorce is expensive and she might be forced to liquidate her assets to pay for it.

Net Worth

Rumors state that Ramona Singer has had to sell one home as part of her divorce, and we wonder how much of her $18 million net worth will go to her husband now that they’re calling it quits? Her money comes from her various businesses, including her wine business and her fashion background.

She’s from an Abused Household

No one wants to look back on their childhood and remember horrible things, but that’s what Ramona Singer remembers. Her mother suffered significant abuse at the hands of her father, and there were no safe houses for her to take her children and run to. As a result, Ramona Singer now donates a part of her proceeds from her wine line to help women in need of shelter get out of abusive relationships. We say kudos to you, Ramona!

She’s Embarrassed

After she found out her husband was having an affair with a 32-year-old socialite, he promised he would stop. Then he was caught on camera with his mistress enjoying a romantic dinner in New York City, and that’s when Ramona kicked him out for good. Now the two are dating all over the country, and Ramona Singer is very embarrassed. She feels that his actions are embarrassing to both her and her daughter, and she wishes he would keep his personal life private.

Her Friends Think She’s Crazy

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of crazy, but it seems that Sonja Morgan wants her friend to put her crazy out there and own it. She said in an interview that Ramona Singer is new at the single thing and that she will be just fine, but that she needs to put her crazy out there, own it and be there with it in her life like all crazy women should.

Her Friends Think She’s Picky

Now that Ramona Singer is single for the first time in more than 22 years, she’s looking for love. However, her RHONY cast mates think she might be able to find it because it’s all over the wrong place. She’s got a long list of things she’s looking for in a new man, but her friends seem to think she needs to lighten up the list a bit and just accept love when she finds it. Their advice to her is that love comes in surprising packages and might show up somewhere when she is least expecting it. I can attest to that one – so good luck to you.

She Once Threatened her Father with a Knife

She’s made no secret about the fact that her father, with whom she has a much better relationship as an adult than she did a child, was abusive to her mother. She’s talked about it numerous times, though it does embarrass her and make her feel for her mother. However, she never mentioned in any of her filming reality television about the time she held a knife to her father and threatened him with it. She did it to protect her family, and she remembers it well. The news broke when she included it in her new book, and that’s how people are learning just a little more about her.

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