10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christine Ouzounian


Just a few weeks after Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced that they would be divorcing, news has broken that Affleck has been dating the family’s ex-nanny, Christine Ouzounian. In something straight out of a Hollywood movie, the 28-year-old, was photographed smiling from ear-to-ear after the news was made public. Although the news has yet to be officially confirmed, a source close to Ouzounian, the former nanny believes this is “true love,” but of course the public is already speculating that this ‘relationship’ won’t last very long.  Until then; however, people are anxious to find out more about the 28-year-old who may be the cause of Affleck’s split from Garner.  Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Christine Ouzounian.

She’s a typical California girl

Those who know Christine Ouzounian best say that she’s just a normal girl who loves her family and her friends. According to one of her friends, “Christine still lives in the family house where she grew up with her twin sister. She was always very focused on her studies, work and a very caring, reliable friend. She loves the beach, hiking and is very much a normal Southern Cali girl.”

She went to Arizona State

Although she is a California native, Ouzounian is a graduate of Arizona State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in communications.  At just 28-years-old, she likely graduated sometime within the last six years.

She has a twin sister

Apparently, looks aren’t the only thing that Christine and her twin sister, Caty, have in common.  Caty also works in the service industry and has nannied for celebrity clients although a detailed list of her employers remains confidential. According to Caty’s LinkedIn profile, “I’m socially appropriate and understand the fine lines involved when working in someone’s home,” but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for her sister. Hopefully; however, the two don’t look too much alike, because one word really spreads that Christine is the type of nanny that dates her employees, it could become a little harder to find a job.

She was fired from the Affleck-Garner home

Apparently, Christine was only an employee of Ben and Jen for a short period of time.  According to sources she was actually fired from her job as a nanny, which shows that Garner may have caught wind of the relationship. However, despite being let go, Affleck reportedly wrote her a very nice recommendation according to friends of Ouzounian who stated, “Her closest friends thought [Christine] was being strangely tight-lipped about the reason for her firing, though [Ben] wrote a glowing recommendation letter on her behalf.”

She’s worked for other celebrity clients

Her time working for Garner and Affleck wasn’t the only time she was employed as a nanny by a celebrity client. In fact, she was reportedly an excellent nanny who worked for a prestigious nanny agency. Ouzounian also worked for Neil Patrick Harris and other celebrity clients. Although working for multiple celebrity clients may make Ouzounian look like a starstruck fan, sources claim that she took the jobs because she saw them as a “good business opportunity to make good money.”

She may have tipped off the paparazzi

Ouzounian has close ties to the local paparazzi and some believe that she actually tipped them off to her relationship with Affleck.  Some even think she went as far as to call the paparazzi before interacting with Ben so that they could snap photographs of her going over to Affleck’s rental house.  While there is currently no proof of these claims, they could be a huge red flag.  Nobody wants to date someone they can’t trust, and it’s hard to trust someone who does everything for show. Hopefully Benny Boy knows what he’s getting himself into!

She used to live in the Bahamas

Before working as a nanny, Ouzounian’s friends say that she spent some time living and working in the Bahamas.  In itself, this may not seem like an interesting fact. However, things take a turn when you find out that Affleck and Garner actually own a residence in the Bahamas which is where they allegedly took their kids on vacation after announcing their split.

She’s had several different jobs

Although she is currently most well-known for being a nanny to the stars, Ouzounian has actually worked in several different fields.  According to her now deleted LinkedIn profile, she’s worked as a teacher, a hotel concierge, and an insurance intern.

She thinks her and Ben have the real deal

According to Ouzounian’s friends, she claims that Ben “really, really likes her,” and that she believes that their relationship is “true love.”  Take it how you want, but if these comments are true, she may be an extremely naive person.

Affleck’s camp is denying their relationship

Although Ouzounian seems to thin her and Affleck are in love, and US Weekly has already run a story proclaiming the affair, a rep for Affleck has denied all claims that the two are in a relationship. A source close to Affleck has even said that Ouzounian was not the reason for the split from Garner and that Affleck never had an affair during or after the marriage. Only time will tell what’s really going on between the pair but if they are together, now seems like a really good time for them to lay low.

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