10 Things you didn’t Know about Lauren Scruggs

Born on July 18, 1988, Lauren Scruggs is an American fashion journalist and blogger. Scruggs was born in Plano, Texas to her mother, Cheryl Scruggs, and father, Jeff. She has been in the fashion industry for many years, has made many trips down the cat walk, and has been blogging about fashion for many years on multiple blogs she has started and operates. As well-known as she is in the fashion industry, she more recognized for the tragic accident that nearly took her life. This amazing young woman has had to find a new normal, and just when she didn’t think there was anything positive left about life, she turned things around and is now back into fashion and found true love. If you already know the name, keep reading to find out ten things you didn’t know about Lauren Scruggs.

1. Fashion model blogger

Scruggs has been involved in fashion for many years and has made a trip or two down the cat walk during her career. She was very involved with the business and in the middle of trying to get her career off the ground and had worked on the show, Gossip Girl, when she was tragically involved in an accident that would put her career on hold. Since her accident, she has been working on re-building her life and her career, and she has found that her accident would redirect her life into other areas that she had not planned on, but they have been very inspirational directions that have helped many people in ways that fashion alone, couldn’t.

2. Survived near fatal plane incident

Scruggs took a plane tour on December 6, 2011, a nighttime flight on a chartered plane to look at Christmas lights in Dallas Fort-Worth. When the plane landed back at the airport, it was dark and Scruggs disembarked the plane and walked right into the spinning propeller that cut off her left hand and part of her arm. It also damaged her left eye so badly that a short time after her ordeal, had to be removed. It took months of intense therapy to regain many of her functions, physical and cognitive, before she was able to get back to life, and her love of fashion.

3. Owner and CEO of LOLO magazine

Scruggs started her own, online fashion magazine LOLO Magazine which she owned and operated, but eventually she put that one to rest and started a whole new blog, called Lauren Scruggs Kennedy. She now not only blogs about fashion on her new blog, but about her life, and gives inspirational advice to those who read and follow her blog.

4. Author

Scruggs is the author of two books, Lauren Scruggs, Still LOLO,  as well as Your Beautiful Heart. In, Still LOLO, Scruggs tells the story of her fateful night when her accident took her eye and her hand, with part of her arm. It describes her struggles to overcome the challenges of relearning how to live and how she got through the journey to where she is today. She has had a lot to overcome, but her comeback has been powerful and she is revered as one of the biggest inspirations for meeting such challenges, head on.

5. Married to TV personality

In 2014, Scruggs married TV personality, Jason Kennedy who is an entertainment correspondent for E! and host of both E! News Weekend and E! Online’s Live from E! Scruggs often blogs about her husband, Kennedy, and posts photos of the couple, wanting everyone to know what an amazing husband he is. During an interview, Scruggs talked about how her doting husband often helps her get dressed due to her prosthetic hand and the difficulties it can pose when buttoning, zipping, and ting shoelaces.

6. Has prosthetic eye and left hand

Due to the loss of her hand and part of her left arm, Scruggs received a prosthesis that has helped her to be able to feel more normal and dress more normal, more like the way she used to. Although she says that it still isn’t quite the same. It can be hard to get certain clothing items on and she has to be consciences of what she buys so that she can make sure it fits over new arm and she can either fasten it or have the help of her husband. All-in-all, she is feeling and dressing like herself instead of living in sweats for doing physical therapy.

7. Made her first TV appearance after her accident

Scruggs wanted to talk about her incident and tell her story after she had healed and felt confident enough to do it. She agreed to a TV interview with NBC’s Today show, which aired on August 9, 2012. It was her very first public appearance since the tragic accident but she has said that it was her family that helped her get through it all. She admitted that it was still a struggle on days, to accept losing her eye and hand.

8. Started a foundation

Scruggs started a foundation, call the Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation. She is the founder and has two co-founders who have also survived accidents that caused the loss of a limb and wear prosthetics. They, too, wanted to find beautiful prosthetics that were natural looking, like their own skin and limb, prosthetics that would help them to feel more normal, and whole. The foundation helps others who are in similar situations to find these prosthetics and give them advice, hope, and encouragement.

9. Sued the plane’s pilot

Scruggs went through a long legal battle trying to get compensation for her loss. She sued the pilot of the plane and the plane’s insurance company for what they deemed as negligence, since the pilot left the engines running while the passengers were disembarking. The original offer was $200,000, which Scruggs declined and eventually the case was settled for an undisclosed amount, but it was determined that the amount was for quite a bit more than the original offer, of around $1 million dollars.

10. Has a twin sister

Scruggs isn’t the only beauty in her family. She has a twin sister named Brittany Scruggs, who is deeply connected to her sister. Scruggs’ mother once said, that the two are so deeply connected, in fact, that when Lauren was going through her healing process, Brittany’s left eye would twitch every 4-5 days, every 30 seconds or so. She says it was because she could feel everything her sister could and had more than just empathy for her sister.


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