10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shane Farley

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Who is Shane Farley? It’s not a name that many of us recognize, yet we are hearing it all over the place all of a sudden. Suddenly, this name is everywhere. It’s on the news, it’s on social media and it’s about to be on the cover of some serious tabloids. Why? Because Shane Farley is the man who is currently dating the Food Network’s most eligible Bachelorette, chef Giada de Laurentiis. The two met back in 2013, and they reconnected recently. When she made the announcement recently that they are dating, it seemed to take the world by storm. Now everyone and their mother wants to learn more about Shane Farley, who he is, what he does and anything they can learn about the man that made Giada de Laurentiis giggle like a little girl on national television recently. Read on to find out all you ever wanted to know about Shane Farley.

Giada is Smitten with Shane Farley

She’s been divorced from her husband of more than a decade for only a few months now, but he famous chef has admitted to Wendy Williams that she is in love with someone, and it seems that this someone is producer Shane Farley. Since she seems like such a down-to-earth and completely amazing woman, we can only assume that he must be someone pretty special, too.

He’s not Bobby Flay

For a while, there was talk that Giada and Bobby Flay were a thing. It seemed that they were moving in together, that they’d been dating for a long time, that they were the reason behind the other’s respective divorce; but it’s not true. The rumor mill loves to get busy when two people working together are going through the same thing at the same time, especially when they are already friendly and in one another’s lives. But Shane Farley is not Bobby Flay; he’s the actual man Giada is dating.

He’s a Television Producer

You might have heard of people like Tyra Banks and Chrissy Tiegen and Rachael Ray, correct? Not only are two of them famous models and the other is a famous chef, they’re all television stars with their own shows. Shane Farley is a producer on all of their shows, and he’s been in the business for a very long time. He’s been working in television for years, and he actually worked with both Bobby Flay and Giada de Laurentiis for a while back in 2012.

He Produces FabLife

If you’ve ever seen FabLife, you might already know Shane Farley’s name. He is one of the producers of the show, and it’s not his first time behind the camera. He’s been in the business for a long time, though this is a huge departure from some of his other work working on a show like this. He does well, though.

He Loves Food

He’s a self-described foodie, so it only  makes sense that he might date someone like Giada. After all, she’s on the most famous petite Italian chef on television, so it makes sense he would love to get to know her a little better. Can’t you just see the two of them eating and drinking their way through Italy at some point in their lives? It almost sounds a bit too good to be true when you think about it.

He’s an Emmy Winner

He spent five years working as a producer on the Rachael Ray show, and he has several Emmys to show for his work. The show is outstanding, and he’s been recognized more than once for his work on it, making him one of the more well-known producers in television. He seems to know what he is doing, and he seems not to have much of a problem turning shows into hits when he makes his way behind the camera to give them a bit of life.

He’s Sincere

If there is one thing that his friends want everyone to know about Shane Farley, it’s that he is a sincere person. Shane Farley either has the world’s most complementary friends or he is really just a sincere guy, because that’s all anyone ever says about him. Ask anyone in Hollywood that has ever worked with him and they will say the same thing, “Shane Farley? Man, that guy is really sincere and really down to earth,” and both are big compliments from anyone.

He’s a People Person

Shane Farley might spend the vast majority of his time behind the camera and not in front of it, but that does not mean he’s not familiar with the concept of being a people person. It would seem only natural that anyone working in the talent portion of the business in Hollywood would be a people person, and we love that about him. Shane Farley knows how to talk to anyone, and that is something that is worth its weight in gold in this business.

He’s Handsome

I’m sure you can see from his photo above that Shane Farley is a good looking man. He is tall, handsome and he appears to have a very good-looking smile. That makes him seem like the kind of man you just want to get to know. He’s one who does not seem as if he is overly into himself, and his smile looks real. Imagine a photo of Shane Farley and Giada together, with their big smiles and gorgeous features; wow.

If Two Famous Actors had a Love Child, it’s Shane Farley

Just look at his photo above; if Colin Farrell and George Clooney could somehow make their own son and it got all their best features, this would be him. Shane Farley seems to be mostly a mixture of these two very handsome and very famous actors, and I’m thinking that no one hates that. It’s a little bit of a bad boy meets gentleman deal, and there is nothing wrong with a man that favors either of these two actors; and it’s even better that he resembles both of them.

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