10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tami Roman

Basketball Wives Tami Roman

You might know Tami Roman by a different name, but that doesn’t change the fact that you remember her as one of the pioneers of reality television. No, she was not a real housewife at any time, but she was one of the contestants on the Real World: Los Angeles. It was the second season of the world’s first reality television show, and that’s where people got to know her first. She then went on to work a little in television here and there before landing a role on Basketball Wives as one of the stars of that reality show. She’s an actress, and she’s got plenty of television on her resume thanks to the fact that she’s been able to secure roles on some of the most famous reality television shows of all time.

Despite the fact that Tami Roman has been on television since she was very young, the 45-year-old reality star is not someone we know much about. Her life is documented and aired on national television quite regularly, but she’s not a household name and she’s not someone we see in the press on a regular basis. She is, though, someone people want to know more about. That’s why we’ve done some research so we could bring you just a few things about Tami Roman you might not have already known about the famous reality star.

She’s the Ex-Wife of an NBA Star

She was married to famous NBA player Kenny Anderson for a few years, and Tami Roman is the mother of two of his children. Roman’s two children with Anderson have five half-siblings with whom his father conceived with four other women throughout the course of his life. Tami Roman is one of three women to have been (in the past and currently) married to Anderson, and it’s how she landed her role on her newest reality series.

She’s a Radio Host

Tami Roman likes to have her voice heard, and she doesn’t need reality television to do it. She has her own talk show called Tami Roman’s Love Talk and Hot Jamz, which airs weekday evenings in Houston. She talks love and relationships, and she plays hot music that her fans want to hear here and now.

She’s an Actress

There’s a new show on CBS called Extant, which currently stars Halle Berry, an Academy Award-winning actress and Tami Roman. The two are working together on this new show, though there isn’t much hype about it just yet. We’ll see if it’s good as the show airs and fans decide whether or not it’s worth watching and keeping around for a second season. Though with Halle Berry taking part, chances are high that it’s a pretty good show.

She’s Working on a Cosmetics Line

Tami Roman likes to have a hand in every single aspect of the business industry, and she’s working on a cosmetics line right now. There is no word as to what type of line, whether it’s going to be something high-end, easily available anywhere, specially made or anything of that nature. She’s working on it, so we will hear more about it as it is developed.

She’s had a Miscarriage

It’s never easy being pregnant, especially when it’s a late pregnancy. Everyone knows that 36 is considered “ancient” by doctors in many cases, so when Tami Roman became pregnant at 45 and suffered a miscarriage as she entered her 11th week – so close to the end of the first trimester – it was a tragic. I’ve been there twice, and it’s never easy to deal with loss.

She’s Taken, Gentlemen

Sorry, men, but Tami Roman is not a single woman. She is in a long-term relationship with Reggie Youngblood, but it appears that the two are having some issues. They appeared in the reality show Marriage Bootcamp, which is known for starring couples that aren’t doing so well. They’re working on their relationship, however, and their miscarriage is something she says has brought the two closer together.

Her Decisions are Questionable

If you get to know someone on television, you don’t really get to know them. But their actions do speak loudly. Tami Roman is in a relationship that, by all means, is not going well thanks to her appearance on a couple’s therapy show, but she’s still trying to get pregnant with her boyfriend after the loss of a baby over the summer. It’s not a big secret that many people cannot understand why a relationship that’s clearly in trouble is one in which Tami Roman would work to welcome a child.

She’s Got Beef with Other Reality Stars

It turns out that despite all the people that think Tami Roman is great in Hollywood, Kendra Wilkinson is not one of them. The former girl next door actually lunged at Roman during one of their episodes of their couple’s therapy reality show episodes, and it’s all gone downhill since then. However, Roman isn’t exactly concerned about Wilkinson, and she’s moved on from the incident without much thought.

She’s Changing her Life

We all go through a phase in life in which we want to clean house and get things going in a positive direction, and Tami Roman is doing just that. She is making changes to her life, as she has recently discussed on social media, and that’s a good thing. She says she’s cleaning house, cleaning up her own act and making some positive changes for herself and for her two children. It’s a noble concept, and it shows growth and maturity.

Net Worth

Tami Roman has been on reality television most of her adult life, she’s the ex-wife of a famous basketball star and she has a net worth of only $500 thousand. It seems low and very insignificant when you take into account the fact that she’s been in a business that pays pretty well for such a long time. It makes you wonder, with all her jobs and her success, where her fortune has gone.

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