10 Things Draya Michele Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Since making her reality TV debut on Basketball Wives L.A. back in 2011, Draya Michele has become one of the biggest and most outspoken personalities on TV. Even before the show, she had built up a pretty impressive following thanks to social media, and reality TV has helped take her ‘career’ to new heights. Over the course of the show’s run, she has become a fan favorite and this season it looks like she’s back and ready to shake things up more than ever. While fans may have hoped to see some growth in the star, Draya Michele has proven that she’s still all about the drama.  Here are 10 things Draya Michele doesn’t want you to know.

She’s not a good friend

Loyalty is everything. However, Draya Michele has proven that she has none. Throughout her time on Basketball Wives she has proven that she just can’t maintain healthy friendships with, well, anyone. Although she likes to accuse other people of being the problem, a lot of the issues in her friendships stem from the fact that she refuses to admit that she’s wrong. On the current season of the show, she’s had a falling out with her two best friends, and has even made some unforgivable comments that will likely leave her relationships permanently damaged.

She has a shady past

Since coming into the reality TV spotlight, there have been several rumors about Draya’s life before TV. Some sources even indicate that she received money from athletes and other celebrities in exchange for sexual favors. Of course, Draya Michele has denied all allegations of an unsavory past, but seriously, who wouldn’t?!

She has baby daddy drama

Baby momma drama is a term that you’ve probably heard before; baby daddy drama, probably not so much. Well, Draya Michele has managed to find this sort of drama, except the men in question didn’t actually father her child. As a single mother of one, Draya has been very secretive about the identity of her son’s father. While she has been hesitant to spill the beans, a few men, including NBA star, Gilbert Arenas, have gone public to deny claims that they are her father’s son.

She’s had her child removed from her custody

After making her reality TV debut in 2011, a story surfaced that Draya Michele’s son had been removed from her custody on the grounds that she was an unfit parent. After a police report began circulating, Draya claimed that the allegations were not true, although it quickly became clear that for whatever reason, her son was not living with her full-time. She has since opened up, and insisted that she’s doing her absolute best to be a good mother to her son.

She’s messy

Messy is a word is use pretty often on Basketball Wives, and it’s usually used to describe a person who is always in the middle of something and thrives off of the attention they get from being in crazy situations. Well, Draya Michele might be one of the messiest cast members on Basketball Wives. Whenever there is a crazy situation going on, Draya is usually in the middle. However, the trademark of any true messy person is that they’re always completely obvious to the fact that they’re usually a really big part of the problem.

She has bad taste in men

Draya Michele doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to men. Over the years, she has dated a few famous men — Chris Brown, Gilbert Arenas, and Kenyan Martin to name a few. Sadly, none of her relationships have worked out. Her most recent relationship with NFL player, Orlando Scandrick has made headlines after the couple broke off their brief engagement.

She will probably NEVER be a basketball wife…or a wife period

With the course she’s quickly traveling down, there’s a good chance Draya Michele will never find a special guy to settle down with. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with not getting married, Draya has made it clear that she wants to have that happily ever ending, but unfortunately, she might not get it.

She’s just a video girl

Thanks to her reality TV fame, Draya has attempted to paint herself as a business woman, model, and entrepreneur. However, the truth is that Draya Michele is a former video vixen who was lucky enough to gain a dedicated social media following and parlay it into a reality TV career. However, if she could have it her way, no one would remember that.

She’s a punk

If there’s one thing Draya Michele loves, it’s a good confrontation. If you’ve ever seen her in action, you know she’s always involved in some sort of verbal argument which usually turns physical. While she likes to pretend that she can hold her own, it’s no secret that she isn’t the toughest girl in the world, and she’s always careful when picking her battles because of it.

The entire Internet has seen her naked

In this day and age, private pictures finding their way on to the Internet is becoming more and more common. Unfortunately for Draya Michele, her pictures have been spread all over the web, and at this point, millions of people – who have probably never seen her in person – have seen her most intimate parts.

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