10 Things Sherri Shepherd Doesn’t Want You to Know

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd is a former co-host of The View, she’s a comedian and she’s an actress, and she’s making a very ugly name for herself in the press at the moment. She’s had some personal issues the past few years, beginning with a divorce from her husband, Lamar Sally, in early 2014. The couple was expecting a child together, due to arrive in July of the same year, at the time of their separation via surrogate. Through court cases and hearings, she was declared the mother of the baby while her ex-husband asked for full custody. The court named her the mother of the child, and now she has to pay her ex a handsome sum. She recently asked a judge to reverse the decision and declare that she is not the mother of the baby, and the world is up in arms that she does not want to be responsible for her own child.

It’s not something she wants the world to know, but it’s not her choice in the matter. On that note, we have a few other things that Sherri Shepherd might not want the world to know about her due to their unflattering nature.

She’s Convinced her Husband Frauded Her

Sherri Shepherd does not want to have the baby she had with her husband via surrogate a year and a half ago. She is under the impression that her then husband tricked her into having a baby so that he could divorce her and take her money for child support. She said from the start she was tricked into signing papers for a surrogate to have their baby and that she does not want to be the mother of the little boy.

She has More Embryos Stored

Lamar Sally might have a legal battle – another legal battle – on his hands. He and his ex-wife, Sherri Shepherd, have some embryos frozen. She wants them destroyed and he does not. That means he has the right to bring them to term and have more babies, but that does let Sherri Shepherd off the hook from paying child support or being the parent, since she’s asked that they are destroyed.

She Wasn’t Present for the Birth of her Second Child

We aren’t sure what exactly it was that happened in this situation, but Sherri Shepherd was not present for the birth of her second child, a child that is not her own thanks to DNA and the use of another woman’s egg. She was not there, despite the fact that her ex was. She’s clearly had no interest in this baby from the start.

Her Ex Claims She Wanted the Baby

When Lamar Sally’s baby boy was born, he stated that his ex was on board with the idea of having a second baby with her husband. She said that she would love the baby as her own and that the fact that it’s not hers does not matter. She claims the opposite is true, that she was thinking about it and that she ultimately decided against it and her husband decided to go ahead and do it anyway without her consent.

She’s Afraid of her Ex

Sherrie Shepherd is a strong woman with strong convictions, but she’s afraid of her ex. She is afraid he will leak things about her to the press and that he will try his hardest to ruin her career and defame her to the best of his ability. It seems as if whatever went wrong in this marriage must have been really, really bad for her to feel this way.

Her Ex Has Nude Photos of Her

One of the reasons Sherri Shepherd is so worried about her ex is that he has nude photos of her that he took when they were together. In the intimacy of their marriage and the happiness they apparently once had, the couple made the decision to go ahead and have some nude photos taken together and she is afraid that he will release them to the public or sell them to the highest bidder because he wants money.

Broadway Teaches her Hard Lessons

She might be working through some issues with her ex and their baby, but she’s also still working. Sherri Shepherd has a job and she has to do it. She’s starring in Cinderella on Broadway, and she’s learning some harsh lessons. She’s learning she cannot yell or scream, whisper or eat dairy because it is all very bad for her vocal cords.

She’s Already Lost One Baby

Sherri Shepherd and her first husband have a son together. His name is Jeffrey and he’s her only surviving child. He was a twin, but his twin sister did not survive her birth. Stillborn, Shepherd delivered her stillborn baby and her son prematurely, and she was crushed when one of her twins did not survive birth. Her son is very important to her, and she makes sure the world knows she’s a good mother.

She’s Been Accused of Being Abusive

When she and her second husband divorced, he alleged that she is an abusive mother who relies on other people to raise her son, including him and their staff and that she is not present for his life at all. She says this is not true, and he continues to try and say she is a terrible mother without any ability to care for a child. Her son, however, says this is not true and that Sherri Shepherd is a great mother to him.

She Has Diabetes

She spent most of her life fighting the battle of pre-diabetes. Now, Sherri Shepherd suffers from Type-2 diabetes. It is a dangerous medical condition that requires she take excellent care of herself, her diet and her overall health. Without that ability, she suffers and she risks doing serious damage to her body and her life. It’s made her unable to let go and relax when it comes to her diet and her exercise, and she has had to learn to maintain her weight and watch what she eats, something she says has been quite a challenge for her.

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