10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kelly Rohrbach

Kelly Rohrbach

She’s gorgeous, she’s smart and she’s really talented, and that’s just a few of the many amazing things we have to say about the lovely Kelly Rohrbach. Perhaps you’ve heard her name here and there over the course of the past few months, and perhaps you haven’t. It doesn’t matter, really, since you are hearing her name more than ever right now as it was just announced she’s about to star in a big new blockbuster film alongside a hugely famous star, she just ended a relationship with a very high profile celebrity, and she’s kind of the girl next door. Since you probably don’t know much about the newly famous Kelly Rohrbach, we thought we’d bring to you a few piece of information to help you get to know here. Here are 10 things you did not know before that you’ll be glad you know now.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a Notch in her Belt

This gorgeous supermodel dated the very eligible bachelor known as Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo and Kelly Rohrbach dated the last half of 2015 and recently called it quits on their 6 month+ relationship. There is no word as to why they split, but we can speculate that with his very well-known love of beautiful young supermodels on a rotating basis, she probably grew tired of his antics or else he grew tired of her. Who really cares, though, since all the men in the country are now feeling pretty good about her newly minted single status.

She’s a Friendly Ex

It turns out that while she might not be the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio anymore, she’s still his friend. It seems as if Kelly Rohrbach is a friendly ex with no animosity. Of course, it could have everything to do with the fact that both the actress and model and her ex claim that they didn’t break up for reasons other than that their schedules simply do not permit them to spend much time together.

She’s a Baywatch Babe

In case you didn’t hear it at the beginning of the week, but Kelly Rohrbach is the new star of the hit movie “Baywatch,” alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The actor revealed this little piece of information on January 4, along with a video of him shoving her down in the sand in that iconic red bathing suit, at which she laughed. We already like her. She’s going to be the newest CJ Parker on the block, and we cannot wait to see her take the challenge.

She’s Funny

If her announcement that she is the new CJ Parker in “Baywatch” is in any indication, Kelly Rohrbach is a funny lady. We like that about her, and we appreciate the fact that she has a funny side. All the best people have a killer sense of humor, so we are down with her funny side.

She’s Young

At only 25, she’s the perfect age for a hit career, a newly single life and the kind of success she’s seeing these days. It might actually help her deal with it, too, since those who are much younger when they become this famous are almost always the ones who end up losing control of their lives and crashing headfirst into the deep end of crazy just when things start to get good in their careers. Here’s hoping that Kelly Rohrbach is a little too old for that.

She’s a Golfer

Kelly Rohrbach doesn’t just enjoy golfing as a pastime in the same manner that I do. She actually golfs; like, for real golfs. She’s so good keeping it under par that she received a full scholarship to play Division One women’s golf in college…to Georgetown University. If that’s not an indication of just how good she is on the green, I don’t know what is. We love that she’s athletic and sporty on top of gorgeous, too.

She’s Not Afraid of Spiders

Listen, no one is really ‘afraid’ that a spider is going to kill them or maim their family or whatever. We just don’t like them. We don’t like them near us, looking at us, breathing, alive, etc. However, she’s weirdly not afraid of spiders. Kelly Rohrbach had to actually don a spider in a photo shoot once, and she wasn’t too scared of it. Now, she wasn’t looking forward to it, either, but she did say that wearing a tarantula was kind of soft and not as bad as she thought it would be prior to the shoot.

She’s New to Modeling

Kelly Rohrbach might be an amazing golfer, a new leading lady and the former girlfriend of Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio, but she’s a new model. One of her first jobs was her feature in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in 2015. She didn’t really do much modeling before, having only moved to Los Angeles not too long before that. She was looking to become an actress, but her agent thought it might help her if she got her start modeling. Clearly, her agent is a genius.

She’s a Theater Major

As if to prove she does have a very deeply ingrained love of acting, she was a theater major at Georgetown. Sure, she was there to golf, but that was just her ticket to admission and paying for what is an otherwise very expensive few years. She spent as much time as possible acting and focusing on her theater so she could become the kind of actress she’s always wanted to become.

She’s from a Big Family

Kelly Rohrbach is not an only child, which is going to make many people very happy. Her good looks are shared with her four siblings, making her one of five. There is plenty of this good gene pool to go around for anyone who cannot get over how stunningly beautiful she really is. She’s very close to her family, too, and they all take vacations and trips together, spending as much time with one another as humanly possible. That’s kind of awesome.

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