Will Corey Brooks Win Big Brother 18?

corey brooks

With the finale of Big Brother 18 almost upon us, we have to ask the big questions; will Corey Brooks win? He is part of the final two, he is a fan favorite, and it seems that he might be the man who gets to take home the title of winner. Of course, we won’t know until the finale airs and the final votes are tallied, but we can speculate. We think it’s a pretty done deal as far as he is concerned. He’s played the game, he’s done well, and he’s got nothing to lose at this point – except for the entire game, of course. We don’t think he’s going to lose, so we thought we’d look at his strengths and see if they might be able to pull him through to the final.

He’s handsome

Not that we are looking, but it does seem that a good-looking contestant goes a lot further in the game than someone who is not. There is nothing wrong with using your good looks to your advantage. We all want to get ahead in the world, and that’s the truth of how it works in many instances. Use what you’ve got; and looking good is an asset in many situations.

He’s southern

Ladies, I know that I can say this with certainty; a southern gentleman is far better than any other. As a southern girl myself, married to the epitome of a southern gentleman, there is nothing that makes life easier than a man with this personality trait. When a man is a southerner, he has different values. He is a man of God, a man raised by his mother, and a man with respect. It is what it is.

He’s a Halloween baby

With a birthday that falls on Halloween, we think that Corey Brooks might be a bit trickier than we like to give him credit for being. A birthday like that means he’s got to be a man of many faces, and we imagine he’s good at hiding what he doesn’t want people to see or know about him. We like it, and it’s easy for us to imagine he’s someone he might not let us see in the real world. That could be something that makes it so easy for him to win.

He’s strong

When it comes to the challenges in the house, he’s one of the strongest there. In a physical sense, that is something that makes him a huge threat to the other people in the house. Being able to outmaneuver them and outdo them in the physical activities they do is a big bonus for him, and he has a reason to believe he can make it in instances that they cannot.

He’s a former athlete

When you are part of a team that focuses on winning and being the best both as an individual and a team, you learn more. Corey Brooks attended Texas A&M, where he was the pitcher on the baseball team. He was in charge of the team, yet he was part of the team, too. What that means is that he’s got a little bit of leadership skill, a lot of individual power, and he knows when to be a team and when to be all about himself. And he’s good at making other people think he’s a team player at all times.

He’s a dog lover

It’s just plain difficult not to like someone who is a dog lover. When someone enjoys animals, they immediately come across to everyone else as more trustworthy and more fun. When Corey Brooks adopted a puppy to be friends with his older dog, people went nuts. He’s the kind of man who they long to be; after all, the dogs trust him.

He’s all about being friends with the right people

We all know that it’s less what you know and more who you know when it comes to real world politics. Corey Brooks might only be a reality television star playing a game, but it’s all about who he knows. He’s got a bromance with a strong player, and he spent the season following around a veteran player. We think he knows that it’s all about who he knows and how he can play the game. He’s a winner, that’s for sure.

He knows how to play the game

When he first became a houseguest on the hit reality show, people thought one thing. He played the game another way. He stayed out of the limelight. He stayed out of the drama. He didn’t make any enemies or make himself look really good in any way. He just sort of stayed to himself and found a way to make people believe he was not a threat to them. That worked for him, because now he’s one of the final two and people have only now begun to realize that he played them hard.

He’s still young

He’s only 25. That might not sound young to many, but as I am turning 33 this month I realize how much I’ve learned in the past 8 years and just how young I really was back then. I know that being young is something that will benefit him because you are less likely to make good decisions, you are more likely to care less about how your decisions affect others, and you are more likely to care only about yourself. Those are all good traits in this game, and they will all work to serve him well as he enters the finals.

He’s likable

At the end of the day, no one likes anyone that plays games. However, he’s actually playing a game to win, so we can forgive Corey Brooks for this. He is someone who is just likable, and it’s hard to deny that. We have a feeling that will work in his favor as the finale approaches. Mark our words; he’s going to win the game. That’s that.

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