10 Things You Didn’t Know about Heather Bilyeu

heather bilyeu

We all love to watch as Josh Altman goes about his day-to-day life showing million dollar listings to the rich and famous in LA, and that’s what makes his hit reality show so famous and enthralling. We also love seeing the behind the scenes when he is home with his new wife and they are living their lives to the fullest. He proposed to Heather Bilyeu last season on the hit show, and fans were crazy about seeing a wedding from the two of them. The couple called it their day when they exchanged vows this past April in Aspen at the St. Regis resort.

It was a small wedding with only 82 people present, and they loved every second of their wedding. They’re a happy couple, and their world just got a bit happier now that they’ve announced they are expecting their first baby together. She’s about to become a celebrity mom criticized for everything from her weight to her weight loss to her breast feeding abilities, so we thought we might get to know her a bit better before the haters of the world get their nails in her.

She’s no longer important

She said so herself when her husband announced he has every single intention to spoil their unborn daughter when she is born. She stated she’s no longer even remotely important. We all joke about it, but don’t worry Heather Bilyeu. You are about to become even more important to your husband than you already are, because he is going to feel a love for you that you cannot even describe (according to my husband) when you bring his own child into this world.

She’s also in real estate

We don’t see much of her on her husband’s hit reality show in comparison to what we see from him, but Heather Bilyeu is also in real estate. She is a real estate agent in Los Angeles, and she also spends her time showing luxury homes to those with deep pockets and big dreams. She is, apparently, quite good at her job, too.

She took her husband’s last name

Professionally, she is going to continue to use her maiden name. Heather Bilyeu did, however, take on her husband’s last name and legally change her own following the moment they exchanged their vows in front of 82 of their closest friends and family. She’s a traditional woman, but she recognizes that her maiden name is her business.

She appreciates her husband

If you take a look at Heather Bilyeu’s social media outlets, you will see that while she is ambitious and driven her career, she is also a woman who loves her husband and the quality time that they get to spend together. Her favorite thing to do in her personal life is spend time with the man she loves the most in the world.

She loves dogs

Heather Bilyeu is a woman who loves dogs. She has a dog, she loves them endlessly, and she’s the kind of person who wants to take in all the dogs in the world to give them a loving home. If you ask us, there is just something about dogs that is very trusting of the best kind of people, and the fact that she has dogs that love her so much probably speaks very highly of her personality and the woman she is off the television screen.

She loves rustic chic

There is something so fantastic about taking what is natural and rustic in the world and adding to it a big of glamour and chicness. We love it, and Heather Bilyeu loves it, too. She made sure her entire wedding was planned in this aspect, and it really turned out to be a very gorgeous setting as a whole. She will certainly look back at her wedding photos with her daughter one day with a smile on her face and with happiness because of the timeless nature and the beauty of the whole thing.

She’s family-oriented

One thing that people might not realize about Heather is that her family is more important to her than anything else in the world. She loves to be near her family and her in-laws, and she likes to spend time with the people she loves the most. It’s something that many people assume that the wealthy and the successful don’t bother with, but she knows where she came from and to whom she owes for the person she’s become in life.

Her relationship is not perfect

Josh and Heather might be happily married now and expecting their first baby, but they have had their share of sad moments. They documented the troubles that they went through in their relationship on national television, even going so far as to make everyone feel that there was no hope for their future. They managed to work things out and now they are happier than ever; sometimes couples need to take a break from one another to realize that their differences are minor in comparison to the big picture.

She did not want to be on television

Believe it or not, Heather Bilyeu was almost ready to leave her job with Madison as his assistant when she first began being asked to film for reality television. She did not want any part of it. She is a very shy person who says she has a difficult time seeing herself on television, and she did not want her personal life aired on television. Fortunately, things worked out really well for her.

She’s been in real estate a lot longer than her husband

When she first began dating Josh Altman, Heather Bilyeu stated that she did not like the comparisons to herself. She was always featured as someone who did not know what she was doing and that she was new to the game. In fact, she’s been in real estate for more than 12 years, and that officially means she’s been in the business longer than her now-husband. She’s learned to let go of the feeling she gets when she’s compared to her husband, because she just wants them both to succeed.

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