10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jeremy Calvert

jeremy calvert

You might not know who Jeremy Calvert is, which probably means you don’t want to watch shows about pregnant teenagers and their on-again, off-again love interests. It’s all right; we get it. We don’t blame you and we don’t think that there is anything wrong with that. However, he’s all over the news these days since he and his new lady friend are apparently moving in together long after he and his ex-wife and baby mama, Leah Messer, called it quits. She likes to say that they are still together, that he likes to cheat on his girlfriends with her and that he is not what he likes to think that he is as a person.

It just so happens we don’t know anything about him, and we do wonder if his ex-wife’s claims that they have ‘hooked up’ behind the backs of his lady friends are honest. With that said, we thought we might get to know him a bit more personally. We thought that might help you, and us, determine whether or not these rumors might be true.

He has no boundaries

He once posted a photo of himself topless in bed with his girlfriend next to him all covered up and doing something strange with her hand. The caption said that he drives her crazy. We think that maybe photos like this drive everyone crazy; but that’s just us. Your bedroom is a private place, and your nude upper body makes us think gross thoughts we don’t want to think; so can we not, please?

He loves his kid

Jeremy Calvert loves his little one. He has photos of him with her, her alone, and with his entire family all over all his social media accounts. We really love that, and we really appreciate that he is a good dad to his little girl. It takes a big man to be a good father, especially when he becomes one at such a young age. Good for him, and good for his little one.

Family is important

If there is one thing that Jeremy Calvert finds important in his life, it’s family. He makes it a point to be close to them and to spend some quality time to them. After all, at the end of the day, all you have is family. That’s an important reminder and something that we could all keep in mind when we go ahead with our lives and think about what it is that we have to offer to our kids. that’s a valuable lesson to pass on.

He’s sarcastic

If you take a gander at Jeremy Calvert’s Instagram page, you’ll see he likes to post sarcastic memes and photos to his account, which tells us he probably has a bit of sarcasm in his own personality. We guess that if you had to be married to his ex-wife, though, you might be a bit sarcastic yourself from time to time. And we actually really enjoy people who get and appreciate sarcasm.

He loves a lady who can cook

A good man can cook his own meals, but has no problem loving a lady who can cook like a dream. His newest lady friend is a great cook and he likes to talk about what a wonderful cook she is and what a good job she does in the kitchen. It’s nice that he appreciates her and wants to show her off to the world now that he is involved in a serious relationship with her.

He loves the block button

Social media is a way of life for people Jeremy Calvert’s age, and it’s because he gets to show off his life. Since we don’t see enough of that on the tabloids and on television, of course. However, he likes to block people that offend him, that are mean to him or that he feels are up to no good. It’s good to know we normal folk aren’t the only ones who religiously use that button when the world comes down to it.

He doesn’t think his ex-wife is a good mom

He might share her youngest daughter with Leah Messer, but he has admitted that he thinks she might not be the best mom out there. He states that when she had custody of her twins with her first ex-husband, he often worried about their safety. I guess we can assume that he is happy the ex has the girls most of the time now, and he no longer has to worry for their safety.

He doesn’t want his ex back

There was a rumor that perhaps they were back together, but it looks as if though that is just a rumor. The couple shared a dinner together on camera where there was some drinking going on. The more she drank, the more Leah Messer continued to tell him that she always thought he was the one and that maybe they should not have given up on their marriage or their daughter’s future. However, he was not returning the feeling toward her at all.

He’s got a new lady love

Now that Jeremy Calvert has moved on from his ex-wife, he has found a new lady love. Her name is Brooke and she seems a lot more down-to-earth than his previous flings. She is someone who he feels brings out the best in him, and we cannot tell him enough that that’s something he should hold onto. When a person brings out the best in you, it’s real.

He’s not into his ex’s issues

Leah Messer is, well, a mess. She is not the best mom in the world, she’s constantly in trouble and she is a fan of drama every single moment of her life. Jeremy Calvert is not into that, though, and he doesn’t make any apologies for it. He likes his daughter safe and sound, and he likes to be the one to care for her. He doesn’t want to deal with Leah’s issues or her immaturity.

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