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kristen doute

In an effort to be completely upfront and honest; I did try watching Vanderpump Rules. As a huge fan of Lisa Vanderpump, I thought perhaps her own reality show would be fun. Instead, I find it sad. I find it sad that people my own age – and sometimes older – are living lives that seem more appropriate for kids just beginning their college career, and they love it. They seem to have no desire to grow up, and live like adults rather than overgrown high school kids without any parental supervision. I have no idea how Lisa Vanderpump does it, and my husband and I just could not get through more than half a season.

There is no doubt the show is dramatic, entertaining and people love it. I just want to see these people get educations, careers and grow up a bit more. I’m sure it’s asking entirely too much; and I’m certain that they wouldn’t have a show if they did that. However, when it comes to Kristen Doute, we fully expect to see her grow up before everyone else. She’s older than me, and I think that she might actually be close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know why I feel that way about her, but I think she might be someone who will get it together here shortly. It makes me want to get to know her better.

She’s a Michigan girl

Kristen Doute is not a born and raised California girl. In fact, she was born and raised in a little place called Dearborn in Michigan. She was raised by her family in a relatively normal (what is normal, anyway?) household, but she had dreams of being a big star she wanted to pursue. That led her to head to California to see if she could get a career in show business going.

She’s a fan of therapy

A lot of people seek professional help for various aspects of their lives. Some people use a life coach. Some people use a counselor. Whatever it might be, Kristen Doute is a fan. She decided to seek therapy after a bad breakup, and she has been very open about how she has learned so much from her therapy that it’s actually changed her life.

She knows she needs to calm down

One thing that being part of reality television has taught Doute is that she doesn’t always have to react to everything. Sometimes the best reaction is simply not to react to those who want to push your buttons and make you angry. She works very hard to ensure she has enough patience to calm down when the situation warrants, and she’s been very good about it so far.

She’s not been the most trusting

Some people simply have no ability to trust others. Kristen Doute has long been the kind of woman who goes through her boyfriend’s phones and emails, their text messages and their social media because she does not trust them. It has not occurred to her yet that this is not a good sign. If I ever felt the need to go through my husband’s phone or messages or texts, I’d know that was not a good sign and that there was something worse going on. She’s been very untrusting most of her life, and we don’t really know why.

She was fired

Kristen Doute is someone who has been with SUR, Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, for seven years. She was always a good employee, but when she became disrespectful, Lisa knew it was time for her to go and she did not even hesitate to fire her. It turns out that Kristen Doute thought that being fired actually helped her grow up a bit in the long run.

She’s a business woman

She might be a reality television star who sometimes seems as if she cannot get it together, but she’s a business woman already. She has a line of tee shirts she sells, and she seems to do all right with them. We’ve never seen them ourselves, but word on the street is that she does all right.

Her shirt company is not named after her ex

Kristen’s tee shirt company is called JamesMae, and many people think she named it after her ex-boyfriend, James Kennedy. It turns out, she did not. She actually named the company after her niece and nephew, whom she loves very much. So much for that claim to fame and marginally egotistical moment, James Kennedy.

She is close to her family

Kristen Doute is someone who loves her family very much. She might not live by any of them in California, but she is still close to them. She has a special relationship with her niece and nephew, Mae and James. She named her shirt company after them, and she tries to spend as much time as possible with them whenever she can.

She’s an actress

Before she became a reality television star, she was an actress. To be clear, she was an aspiring actress. Kristen Doute had very small roles in three movies that were not long enough to even make it in the real world, and she didn’t become famous that way. She actually became famous when she landed her part on the hit reality show that she’s currently starring in, and we think she might hang on to the drama for a bit longer in order to keep her part.

She is a writer, too

Now that she no longer works for SUR, Kristen Doute has decided to put acting to the side and become a writer. She is currently working a blog that is all about becoming a vegetarian. She wants to learn to eat right and become healthy, and she wants to write a memoir of her life to this point. She’s still only 33, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t think the world should wait to hear her stories. She’s got a lot to say.

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