Fun Bet Between Hosts Costs Brad Paisley Thousands

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Celebrities might be famous, wealthy and unnaturally good-looking, but that doesn’t mean they’re not just like the rest of us. We all bet our friends we can do this or we can do that, and we have to pay up when we lose, and celebrities do the same thing. Fortunately for us, however, what we bet our friends is usually something affordable, such as a night of babysitting or a morning of sleeping in on the weekend while your spouse gets up at the crack of dawn with the babies. For country music star Brad Paisley, however, a friendly little wager with a friend ended in an expensive payout.

Paisley and Ludacris, his fellow Rising Star judge, made a bet that ended up costing Paisley $2100. What their little wager was over remains an unknown mystery, but losing a bet to Luda is not cheap. The country music singer had to present the famous rapper with a $2100 bottle of cognac after losing to him. Over the weekend, Paisley posted a photo of a bottle of Louis XIII beside him along with the caption, “Don’t make a bet with rappers. They’re very expensive.”

The second photo posted was one of Ludacris holding up the bottle of cognac in the easily recognizable red Remy Martin box along with the caption, “Man, you better not have poured Hennessy in this thing.” Paisley might think this bet is expensive, but he lucked out big time. He could have bet a bottle of vintage Louis XIII, which sometimes costs as much as $44,000. We think Paisley got of pretty cheap this time.

Now, what would have happened if Luda lost the bet to Paisley? He certainly wouldn’t have been out a couple grand. The country star wagered Luda he’d have to spend an evening on the set of Rising Star wearing a cowboy hat. It seems Paisley needs to up his game on both ends.

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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