10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paris Jackson

paris Jackson

Perhaps you’ve heard of Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late pop star Michael Jackson. She is on the brink of adulthood, and ready to go out into the world on her own, and she is leaving her childhood behind. For the best, too, since her childhood has been one with a lot of stress and anxiety. This little girl was born to Michael Jackson via surrogate, and she’s had a childhood filled with exceptional ups and downs. The most notable is her father’s death, untimely and unexpected by many. She’s been in the media, in the press and in the spotlight most of her life and the world is curious as to how the late pop singer’s daughter is getting along without her father, being raised by her grandmother.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Paris Jackson, despite growing up with certain advantages that most children never have. When she was 15, she wound up in the hospital after trying to take her own life – and no one knows what she was going through that made her feel as if this was the only way out. Not knowing much about this young woman, we decided to find out if there is anything about her we could use to get to know her a bit more.

She never understood why she wore masks as a child

When she was growing up, it was impossible to know what she or her brothers looked like. She was always wearing a mask. Her father insisted she do so, and she didn’t get it. She finally came to realize that the problem was that when she was with her father, people would snap photos and her face would be forever immortalized. He wanted them to have a childhood as normal as possible and to be able to leave the house without him and not be recognized by the prying eyes of the press and his fans.

She really loves her father

When Michael Jackson died, she was only 11. She did not speak to the press immediately, but when she did it was to offer her feelings on the matter. She said, “I just wanted to say…ever since I was born…daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just wanted to say I love him so much,” and that was all she ever said.

She loves sports

A natural athlete, Paris Jackson was a cheerleader, she played volleyball, basketball, softball and even football for her high school. Sports have been a great outlet for her in all that she has been through in her life.

She’s also musical

Not many kids would consider themselves musical, but Paris Jackson knows a thing or two. She plays not only the drums, but also the piano. Of course, her father is the king of pop, so it only makes sense she would inherit some of his musical prowess.

She doesn’t care for Justin Bieber

It’s not that she doesn’t like him as a person, but she hates what he stands for. She hates that young girls will do things they shouldn’t do, that they cut themselves and that they mutilate themselves to try and get his attention. She does not, however, care for his drug use. He is a role model and she doesn’t feel he is taking that very seriously as these young girls look up to him so much.

She wants to be a doctor

Not just any doctor, though. Paris Jackson actually wants to be a surgeon. She says it is her dream in life to help people that need help and to do that which so many people can only imagine. It is a beautiful and wonderful thing that she feels, and the world needs more people who want to do the same.

She’s very private

In her life, she’s been very shielded from the limelight despite the fact that her father is one of the most famous people in the world. She likes her privacy and is not much a fan of being in the limelight. It’s not her decision to be a famous child, but she does work very hard to keep her private life private. That’s something we think her father would be proud of.

She likes to act

She doesn’t want to be an actress when she grows up, but she enjoys doing it. She has been in a few different movies and shows, but it’s not her dream to grow up and live in front of the camera. She knows what fame does to people, to their lives and to their families and she is not sure she wants to live that kind of lifestyle.

She loves to dance

You cannot be the daughter of Michael Jackson and now love to dance, right? I mean, he was an amazing dancer with some killer moves, and we think that it is pretty impressive that he was able to pass on that gene to his daughter, who likes to make up her own amazing dance moves, too. She has some moves she’s made up on her own, and she and her father used to dance together all the time. She was even in a music video when she was only 4-years-old.

She was homeschooled much of her life

Until she entered high school, her father always homeschooled her. Aside from the fact that she is the daughter of arguably one of the most famous musicians in the world, there was never any formal announcement as to why he chose to go this route. We can only assume that he thought maybe school might be difficult for her as his daughter, and he chose to keep her home and provide her with tutors so she could still learn without actually being out in public and in front of others. She decided to attended a private school when she entered high school, and it’s worked out all right for her; which is good now that she is only months from her 18th birthday.

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