Five People We Think Can Help Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom at the Roosavelt Hotel

Just two days ago, two-time NBA champion and former Los Angeles Laker, Lamar Odom, was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel. Odom, who is 35 years old, was once a budding player in the NBA – but the last several years have been very difficult for him. He has had to deal with the loss of a son, and two best friends, legal issues, and a drug addiction. In just a few short years, he’s managed to lose everything – including his marriage and his basketball career.  At first, people thought the reports of his current condition were nothing more than celebrity gossip, but official news says that Lamar Odom is in serious trouble. Recent stories say that he is now in a coma and in critical condition. Family, friends, and fans of Lamar Odom are wishing him a speedy recovery. But even with that, it is clear that he is going to need some serious support. Here are five people we think can help Lamar Odom.

Ron Artest

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Ron Artest may seem like an unlikely person to help Lamar Odom — or anyone else for that matter. After all, he does have a pretty interesting reputation of his own – and he’s been known to have a few temper tantrums. But with that being said, Ron Artest may be the perfect person to talk some sense into Lamar Odom. The two have been friends for a very long time, and were even teammates on an AAU team when they were teenagers. The team was so dominant that they have been ranked one of the best AAU teams of the 90s. Odom and Lamar were also teammates again on the Los Angeles Lakers. When he heard about the news, Artest struggled to find the right words, saying “I don’t even know what to say. There’s not one word that I can say right now that’s going to make sense. I don’t know what to say right now.”

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Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant slapping Justin Timberlake's hand

Kobe Bryant is one of the most influential athletes of his generation. Over the course of his career, he has proved that he is nothing less than legendary. But while he’s also proven that he’s a fierce competitor with very few soft spots, Kobe Bryant has also proven that he’s a best friend. When news of Lamar Odom’s situation spread, Kobe Bryant didn’t hesitate to be by his friend’s side. Although he was in the middle of a game when he was told of Odom’s condition, Kobe left during the third quarter to go to the hospital. Reports say that Kobe, who won two championships with Lamar Odom during his time with the Lakers, spent several hours by his friend’s side. With his amazing influence and countless resources, Bryant may be able to help Odom overcome his demons and help him get back on the right track.

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Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian in New York

Rob Kardashian has had a few issues of his own over the last few years, but he and Lamar Odom once had a very close relationship. When Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian were still together, Rob spent a lot of time with his sister and brother-in-law, and both he and Lamar seemed to be in a much better place. It always seemed like Rob genuinely looked up to him, and perhaps Rob could reach Lamar in a way that no one else has been able to. Since both of them have demons of different sorts to overcome – maybe then an even help each other get back to where they used to be.

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Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew at CNN party

If there’s anyone who can help a celebrity dealing with a serious drug problem, it’s Dr. Drew. For four years, Dr. Drew was the host of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab where he helped many celebrities cope with their issues and get clean. Dr. Drew has a way of connecting with high-profile names and helping them get themselves back on track. Although Lamar Odom and Dr. Drew don’t have any previous connections, it might be time that they got together.

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Khloe Kardashian

Khloe and Lamar

If you’re not a basketball fan, the first time you heard of Lamar Odom was probably when he and Khloe Kardashian began dating. The pair quickly became one of reality TVs favorite couples, and people everywhere hoped that they would be together forever. Although whirlwind romance didn’t last, Khloe has made it very clear that she still loves Lamar and wants nothing but the best for him. She seems like one of the people who genuinely has his best interest at heart, and will love him unconditionally through as many ups and downs as it takes to get him back where he needs to be. Since the news of his hospitalization, Khloe Kardashian has been by his side, and even flew his ex-girlfriend and their two children out to see him. It’s clear that there is nothing she wouldn’t do for him, and if there’s anyone who can still reach him – it’s probably her.

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