10 Things You Didn’t Know about Terra Jole

Terra Jole

She’s the star of Little Women, and most everyone is familiar with Terra Jole because of her role as a reality television star. She’s captured the hearts of millions of Americans who watch the show with her engaging personality and her zest for life, and she’s often in the news. Thankfully, she seems to be the type of reality star who is more often in the news for interesting things rather than unflattering things, but there are just so many things we do not know about this reality star. Sure, we know the obvious that’s portrayed on her hit reality show, but do we really know her? Here are a few things we might not already know about Terra Jole to help you get to know the star a bit better.

She’s a Mother

It was only March 2015 that Terra Jole and her fiancé at the time welcomed their first child, a little girl by the name of Penelope, into the world. For them, the little girl means so much more than the fact that they are parents. It’s because of her that they are getting to live their dream of being a family, and they are forever grateful to this little girl for bringing them even closer together.

She Wed After Giving Birth

When Terra Jole and her fiancé welcomed their first daughter together, they were no married. In fact, they did not get married until three months after their daughter was born, making them yet another couple in Hollywood bucking the traditional mindset of marriage and a baby in order to do things their own way. They were married three months later, and that’s when things started to get interesting for the pair.

Her Husband is a Criminal

Many people have gotten to know Terra Jole’s husband through reality television, and many of you would never have guessed that he is a convicted felon. That’s right; he was convicted of damaging property back in 1999 and was arrested for it. He paid a $400+ fine and was sentenced to 40 hours of community service for his horrible deeds. Thankfully, he seems to have moved on from his criminal past.

Her Daughter Suffers from the Same type of Dwarfism as Her Mother

Terra Jole’s daughter was born in March and she, too, suffers the same form of dwarfism as her mother, called achondroplasia.What this means for the little girl is that she will need to closely monitor her health as she gets older, she will need to make certain accommodations in her life and she will always need to worry a bit more about health issues resulting from her genetic makeup than other women might worry about.

Parenting as a Little Person has its Challenges

All new parents face new challenges in their life. I’ve had four kids; so I get it. However, Terra Jole and her husband face a set of challenges that many of us are unfamiliar with. One such challenge is that they have a difficult time getting their newborn daughter in their car. One has to stand in the car and the other passes the baby to the parent in the car so that they can tag team the situation. It’s just one of many issues they face as parents.

She’s Four Feet Two Inches

There will always be people who are very curious about what it is that makes a person with dwarfism small, and how tall they stand. Terra Jole gets this, and she is fine when people ask her about her height and her condition, as many people who live with a ‘different’ condition might feel when someone is curious. Just ask; don’t stare. She stands only 4 feet 2 inches tall, but she’s taller than her husband (who has a different form of dwarfism).

She’s an Executive Producer

Something that some people still do not know about Terra Jole is that she is an executive producer of her own two reality shows. She is a producer of many shows in Hollywood, and she has managed to create a very successful career for herself as a producer and a reality television star. This has made her a famous star, but don’t ask her to pick her up and take photos with her. She will not do it, and you will lose your chance to take a photo with her if you treat her this way.

Net Worth

Terra Jole has been in the game long enough to have done well for herself as a reality star, actress and producer for numerous television shows. She’s done well enough she’s been able to acquire a net worth of nearly $500 thousand. Her half million dollar fortune is one she uses wisely, not overspending on ridiculous things that many people would purchase with this type of cash available to them. She, instead, is a wise spender and knows she has to save more than she spends.

She’s a Texas Girl

There is a saying that everything is bigger in Texas, and that’s true for Terra Jole. She might not be the biggest thing size-wise to come out of the Lone Star State, but she’s got a big career, a big personality and big dreams. She’s worked hard to make it where she is today, and she’s overcome a number of odds in her life to make her dreams come true. That’s the definition of big time, if you ask us.

She’s her Mother’s Biggest Fan

Terra Jole does not make any excuses about the fact that she is her mother’s biggest fan. She credits her mother for making her all the good things she is today; a great mom and wife, an animal lover and a rescuer of dogs. She says that it might sound a bit cliché that she loves her mother so much, but it’s the truth. She feels as if there is nothing wrong with loving your mother so much you just can’t even stand it, so that’s what she does best in her life. She loves her mother.

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