5 Leading Roles We Want to See Octavia Spencer Play

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It was announced recently that Academy Award winning actress Octavia Spencer will take on the role of God in an upcoming movie, and that has us really doing some thinking. The gorgeous leading lady has taken on the roles of many characters over the course of her successful career, but she’s always playing someone that’s a good friend to someone else or something that isn’t quite leading lady material. That makes us want to shake things up, however, because we think that she’s worthy of taking on some seriously cool roles in movies that have not even been made yet. In fact, we have some ideas for characters she could play that are completely fictional movies in our minds. But sometimes you just look at a woman and you say, “She would be the perfect *fill in the blank*,” and we think that we know exactly who that might be. So here are our picks for the amazing roles in which we would love to see Octavia Spencer.


Because who would make a more amazing Oprah than Octavia Spencer in the life story of the famed talk show host? We’re going to go with no one.

The President

If someone wants to make a movie about a female president and they want it to be any good, they’re going to choose Octavia Spencer. She’d be pretty amazing.

A Surgeon

We aren’t partial to doctor’s around here, but we do think that if Grey’s Anatomy the movie wanted to come about, we’d pick Spencer as the leading neurosurgeon with an attitude and a sense of humor, because she’d rock that role.


If anyone from television is reading this and wondering exactly how they can cast their next group of CSI members, we think it should include Spencer as the lead crime scene investigator. And we think it should be in LA or Chicago or someplace it’s never been. We think she’d make a pretty stellar leading cop.

Director of the CIA

We see this character a lot, but we think that if someone wants to make a thriller and they are going to use this character as a leading lady, we want to see Spencer in the role. She’s awesome.

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