8 Kevin Hart Quotes You Can Use on a Daily Basis

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He may not be the most intimidating person on the planet. But, then again, Kevin Hart doesn’t need to be seeing how his main job is to make people laugh. Whether that means he’s on-stage and doing his comedy act or in front of the camera spewing some line that was written for him for a TV show or movie, the guy knows how to get people rolling with his jokes and personality. Over the years, Hart has seemed to just continue to get bigger and bigger, becoming a noticeable contributor on various projects or interviews that fans have seen. Regardless of your personal opinion on his delivery or jokes, in general, Kevin Hart has arguably become the best comedian in Hollywood right now. For that reason, I wanted to take some time and honor some of his finer moments that he has given from a number of different appearance he has done. Those times where he has said something that has somehow, someway stuck with people—and there’s no better way of doing so than pointing out some of his most famous sayings. He seems to be in front of a camera all the time, showing up at award shows or landing a cameo on another TV show, so there’s no escaping what comes out of his mouth—with most of it being pretty memorable. So the next time you overhear someone say one of these, just know that it was Hart who brought it to the mainstream—and that it’s completely OK to use whenever you want. These are the Kevin Hart quotes worth using.

8. Alright, Alright, Alright

Sure, this phrase was undoubtedly made most famous from Matthew McConaughey from his role in Dazed & Confused, but Kevin Hart has helped carry on the tradition of using it. Bringing up memories of his dad using drugs when Hart was younger, he jokes about how his dad would just show up to places when Kevin was a kid and always just mutter the words, “alright, alright, alright.” No matter if you’re quoting McConaughey or Hart, the phrase is pretty funny and straight to the point—even if it has no relevance on what is going on around you.

7. Bum Bump

Describing one of the most horrid things that could happen while walking on the street, Hart talks about how he thinks it would be for a homeless person to swipe your bottom lip with his fingers. So instead of saying you have a zit that has been bothering you for the last couple days, try playing off by using the word, “bum bump” to lighten the mood a little bit, making everyone laugh that you’re breaking out because someone on the street touched you.

6. Pineapples

The word ‘pineapples’ probably isn’t what you think of when getting with your significant other, but Hart proved that it might be something worth using as a safe word. What does that mean, exactly? Well, when, I’ll call it experimenting, in the bedroom, if things get a little too awkward or uncomfortable, use pineapple as a safe word to let the other person know. It will most definitely cause a few giggles, but it’ll do the trick and help lighten the mood when you feel like it’s most needed.

5. Say it Wit Ya Chest

Having a tough time getting your point across? Next time you need to be bold and say something with conviction, say it wit ya chest! That’s the advise that Hart gives, at least, claiming that if you’re questioning what someone is saying to be false or just bashful, then challenge them into saying it with their chest out. No, don’t front, but don’t deliver something like a shy kid, either.

4. The Way My Bank Account is Set Up

For those who feel like you’re getting taken advantage of by friends who seem to be freeloading off of you anytime you go out to dinner or grab drinks, this might be a trick worth trying out. With Hart explaining how he has more money now that his popularity has grown, he doesn’t just say he’s not paying, but uses a clever excuse instead, blaming his not picking up the bill on the way his bank account is set up. Sure, no one will buy it, but chances are they will buy whatever’s on the bill when you use it enough.

3. Real, Rap Raw

One my favorite phrases to use in everyday life is, “real recognize real,” so when I heard about Kevin Hart’s rapper alter ego Chocolate Droppa using his own spin of it, “real, rap raw,” I couldn’t help but laugh. So what’s its meaning? From what I’ve gathered, it’s just a way to put things into perspective and let people know that whatever he’s about to say is pretty serious. I would advise using this towards coworkers in a meeting, but when in front of friends, it totally works.

2. No, Noooo

When you’re not quite ready to do something—or just don’t want to—rather than pout or throw a fit, use Hart’s no, nooo line to add a little humor to the situation. It might not let you do exactly what you want to, but, who knows, it might actually get you what you want? The key to this one is to overly express yourself with your facial movements, making it look like you’re a crying child who isn’t ready for whatever another person is asking—even if it’s as simple as responding to a friend asking if you’re ready to grab some food.

1. You Gon’ Learn Today

Want to really put someone in their place? Try busting out my favorite line that Kevin Hart has brought to the mainstream. Saying ‘You gon’ learn today’ with emphasis will prove that you’re probably a little more casual than you want to be, but that whatever you’re about to say is actually pretty serious. Look the person dead in the eye and put them in their place by using this and proving that you have a little bit of an attitude in getting your lesson across.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NAACP Image Awards

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