Adele Received Royal Music Honor from Prince Charles

Adele Performs At The 9:30 Club

In a sea of plastic and fake musicians and artists, Adele truly stands out. A woman who needs little more than her voice to prove how talented he is. Amid all the auto-tuned pop music, she stood as a beacon of hope that good music by amazingly talented people still exists in the world. Well, good news for fans of the great singer. Adele received a royal music honor fr Prince Charles this week for being an exemplary British subject. What does that mean, in layman’s terms? They think she’s awesome.

NY Daily News has the story, but really, we already told it to you. Adele received royal music honor from Prince Charles for her services to music. This just is Britain’s way of saying that they think her music is amazing and they appreciate her among the sea of fake and plastic music that seems to populate the airwaves. They are British, though, so when they say it it sounds a lot fancier.

Truth be told, we cannot argue this logic. In a world where it is all about glam and glitz, Adele shows us nothing can trump true talent. That, my friends, is just what she has. Raw and real talent.

May this mark a trend in music actually turning back into music again.

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

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