Behind All the Characters of Bravo’s Below Deck Third Season

Cast of Below Deck season 3

Premiering in 2013, Bravo’s, Below Deck is a reality TV series unlike any other. Following a cast of crew members who work aboard a yacht, the show gives viewers a glimpse into a lifestyle that they may have never seen before. However, even if you have no real interest in boats, Below Deck still brings all the drama and entertainment you’re used to with reality TV. Now well into its third season, the show is gaining new viewers each episode, and for those who haven’t yet tuned in, the show has some pretty interesting cast members. But if you’re still wondering what could be so interesting about a bunch of people who work on a boat, don’t worry; here is a behind the scenes look at the characters of Bravo’s Below Deck third season.

Lee Rosbach

Lee Rosbach from Bravo's Below Deck

Captain Lee Rosbach joined Below Deck in season two, and has become a fan favorite. As the ship’s no-nonsense leader, Rosbach rules his ship with an iron first – but he also has another side. While the show primarily focuses on his life as the captain of the ship, Rosbach is actually a pretty interesting guy when he isn’t at sea. Raised in Michigan, Captain Lee has a pretty interesting life before hitting the seas, and going the cast of Below Deck. He once owned and operated several restaurants, and his love for food can be seen all over his Instagram. He also supports several charities and has worked directly with the Marine Industry Cares Foundation and has helped raise money for the organization.

Kate Chastain

Kate Chasten of Bravo's Below Deck

With eight years of experience as a stewardess, Kate Chastain is all about working at sea. As the chief stewardess on Below Deck, Chastain likes to make sure that everything is in its place ,and she’s all about providing a great experience. However, when she isn’t busy sailing the seven seas, Chastain enjoys writing, and actually has her own blog called Lucky Charming, and will be eventually releasing a book under the same name.

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson of Bravo's Below Deck

As the second stewardess of the Below Deck crew, Amy Johnson has become a recognizable presence on the show. The bubbly brunette from Texas is a hard worker who is willing to do anything it takes to get the job done. However, despite her apparent love for sea, Johnson actually fell into the profession in an unusual way. After seeking some adventure, she moved from Texas to Florida where she was offered a yachting position she was “unqualified for.” However, Johnson feels the career chose her, and she enjoys every minute she spends on the boat and occasionally getting the opportunity to rub elbows with celebrities.

Eddie Bosun of Bravo's Below Deck

As a Below Deck cast member since season one, Eddie Lucas is definitely a familiar face for fans. However, when he isn’t filming for the show, he still enjoys spending his time on the water. Lucas loves yachting even when he’s away from Below Deck, and he also spends his time attending concerts and hanging out with his dog.

Don Abenante

Don Abentante of Bravo's Below Deck

No reality show is complete without the resident ‘hot guy,’ and on Below Deck, that guy is Rhode Island native, Don Abenante. Although he just joined the show for the third season, he’s quickly becoming one of the most talked about cast members. But unfortunately, for those who were hoping to have a chance, Abenante is in a committed relationship. When he isn’t filming for Below Deck, he enjoys spending time with his lovely girlfriend. Abenante also loves working on cars, and certainly doesn’t mind getting his hands a little dirty.

Emile Kotze

With a fresh face and a bright smile, South Africa native, Emile Kotze is another handsome crew member who is stealing hearts through the screen. Now, in his first season on Below Deck, Kotze has become known as the show’s biggest flirt, but smooth talking isn’t all he’s known for. Apparently, Kotze is a hard worker who loves his job and is willing to do what it takes to be successful.

Connie Arias

Deckhand, Connie Arias, is another new-comer to Below Deck. While she may not have the most glorious job on the yacht, she’s definitely making the most of her opportunities. With her love for the water, there’s no better place for Connie to be than working aboard a yacht. As a lover of waters sports, Connie has spent her life by the ocean, and has even competed as a professional surfer.

Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota

Rocky, who joined Below Deck this season as the yacht’s third steward, is a bubbly California native who was literally raised in the circus – the aqua circus that is. On top of that, her mother is an accomplished surfer, and Rocky followed in her footsteps by also having a successful surfing career. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that Rocky absolutely loves the water. However, she also has plenty of other interests including yoga, cooking, and of course, traveling.

Leon Walker

While every crew member has a very important function, chef, Leon Walker’s job is one that could never be overlooked. New to Below Deck this season, Walker is responsible for preparing the meals of everybody on board. However, the single father of two also has some pretty big responsibilities on land, too. Aside from being a father, Walker also owns and operates a restaurant and food service where he combines the best of British and West Indian foods.

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