Ben Affleck Cast to Play Batman a Second Time

Ben Affleck

Batman fans aren’t sure what to think about today’s latest news. It appears Ben Affleck will return to the big screen for a second time to play the iconic superhero in 2017. Of course, he hasn’t even starred as Batman for the first time just yet. When it was announced that the actor would take on the role of the masked hero, fans were upset. They took to the internet to say that casting Affleck was a poor choice, and few have come around to embrace the new action hero just yet. Of course, the movie hasn’t even been released.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t scheduled to hit theaters until March 2016, and fans have yet to see how the Gone Girl actor will do as Bruce Wayne. If the comments from the internet are any indication, however, they don’t expect to be impressed by his acting abilities. It is only fair to at least let the movie hit theaters and wait to judge, but that’s not how people work it seems. No example of Affleck as Batman has been released, not even a trailer for the movie, but that doesn’t stop people from criticizing his role in the film.

“I’m a big boy. They said just don’t use the internet for a couple days…I’ve very tough. I saw the announced, I look down on the first comment….the first one just goes, ‘Noooo….,” he said last September when it was announced for the first time that he’d been cast as the new Batman. Fans had a number of other suggestions for the role, but Affleck still got the role.

In addition to Affleck, his costars Amy Adams and Henry Cavill are also going to come back for the second movie to reprise their roles. Adams portrays Lois Lane and Cavill Superman.

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