Ben Affleck Caught Counting Cards at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Casino

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This seems like part of the plot in Runner, Runner. Ben Affleck was reportedly caught counting cards during a game of blackjack in Las Vegas on Tuesday, April 29. The 41-year-old actor was approached by security after they spotted the Argo star reportedly counting cards. He was visiting Sin City with his wife, Jennifer Garner, 42.

Some reports stated that the actor is now banned from the hotel entirely, but a source revealed that the actor was only banned from playing blackjack. He is still allowed to play other games.

“Security said, ‘You are too good at the game,'” the source says, adding: “The hotel was really nice about it and told him he could play other games. They ended up getting him and Jennifer a car back to their hotel too.” 

Only an Oscar winner gets more free stuff when getting in trouble, while the rest of us would be staring at the Hard Rock from the parking lot.

Card counting isn’t illegal, but is frowned upon by every casino. The betting tactic involves adding card values to decide when to place big wagers and when to hold.

Affleck raked in $800,000 playing blackjack at the Hard Rock in 2001. Witnesses saw the then-29-year-old actor drop $150,000 in tips to dealers and waitresses in the high-rollers’ Peacock Lounge.

The parents to VioletSeraphina, and Samuel, were in Vegas for quick, romantic getaway before Affleck is starts shooting the 2015 sequel to Man of Steel. The actor was famously cast in the movie as Batman.  The movie will be filmed in Los Angeles and Detroit.

A rep for Affleck had no comment.

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

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